Be Volunteer

Local Volunteering Program is a pro bono Volunteering Scheme launched by APY to engage young Armenians in the management of the organization and in the community life. A pro bono volunteers donate their professional skills and services as well as benefit from the resources of the organization for their professional and personal growth.

Application Process

If you have decided to apply for APY Local Volunteering Program, follow the instructions below and make sure you have properly submitted your application. The deadline for sending applications is February 20, 2019.
Here is the link of the application form:

Volunteering period lasts 6 months starting from March to September.

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

APY Volunteering Departments

Each department consists of 10 to 40 local volunteers and one International volunteer. 

You can find more information about the requirements by clicking on the Department you are interested in. The candidates must fully or partially possess the skills/experiences that are required.

PR and Communications Department

Project Management Department

Financial Deparment

How long do I volunteer for?

The initial Volunteering Scheme is designed for 6 months. Every 6 month APY launches a new recruitment of volunteers. However, it is possible to extend the volunteering period if requested by the volunteer and agreed by the organization.

What are the rights and benefits of the Volunteer?
    • The volunteers are offered to participate in International training, exchange and mobility projects with most of their expenses covered by the organization.
    • The volunteers get a priority during the selection process.
    • The volunteers may receive certificates upon the completion of the volunteering service and can obtain an individual reference letter upon their request.
    • The Volunteers can use the facilities, equipment and recourses of the organization for their personal and career growth.
    • The Volunteers become a part of a large Alumni network and build connection and links that are helpful to enter the labour market.
What are the responsibilities of volunteer?
    • The Volunteers are required to spend 2 hours weekly for their respective group meetings.
    • The Volunteers are requested to implement their tasks in a proper way and meet the deadlines set by the Coordinator of the Group.
    • The Volunteers participate in weekly group meetings and use the facilities and recourses of the organization in the most sustainable way.

The cooperation between the Volunteers and APY is based on the volunteering agreement that is being signed during the 1st day of the volunteering. The contract sets all the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

Dates and Deadlines

The deadline to apply for the APY Local Volunteering Program is February 20

In APY I learnt appreciating team work. My best experience here were the people I found. Each person helped me to make my inner sun bigger.

Janna Poghosyan

The most valuable thing I learnt in APY is that all the nations are different and people should always respect each other regardless their religion, culture and ethnicity. I cannot forget visiting a special school for children with speech disorders. We created hundreds of smiles and I learnt that it is not very hard to make someone happy.

Hovsep Karoyan

APY taught me to think big and to take care of the others

Vahe Tumanyan

APY gave me the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and I can’t possibly explain how wonderful it is to meet energetic and intelligent people who are like an island of peace and sanity, that represent for me what the world should be like.

Marianna Amirkhanyan