Hosting EVS volunteers

APY is accredited as HOSTING organization to run projects under European Voluntary Service — part of the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme. If you are resident of the European Union Member State interested in going for EVS to Armenia – contact APY. We will be glad to become your hosting organization and help you to take EVS opportunity.

VOLUNTEER VACANCY #1 - Youth and Media Group

VOLUNTEER VACANCY #2 - Youth and Environment Group

VOLUNTEER VACANCY #3 - Public Relations Group

VOLUNTEER VACANCY #4 - Local Events Organizing Group

Living and working in Yerevan

Coat_of_Arms_of_YerevanSituated on the Hrazdan River, the city is one of the worlds’ oldest, yet in recent times has undergone a major transformation, offering a great history combined with newly constructed retail shops, restaurants, and cafés. Moving to Yerevan means relocation to the capital and largest city of Armenia. Yerevan is a wonderful place to discover and a destination of contrast. Originating as a small town in the 8th century BC, today Yerevan is a large city with a population of over 1 million.

Accommodation: APY provides all the facilities to make your stay and work in Yerevan as smooth as possible. We provide a flat with all the facilities for a comfortable stay in Armenia. The flats are equipped with free Wi-Fi, a washing machine and heating system. Each flat has its separate kitchen and all facilities needed for cooking; fridge, oven, kettle, gas panel and different types of dishes and kitchen facilities. The rooms are light and with large windows.  There is also a common living room for volunteers for socializing and spending free time. The volunteers will be provided with single or twin rooms.

Location: The address of the flat is Nizami 13, Appartement 13, 0016, Yerevan, Armenia. The flat is situated in 5 minutes’ walk from the Metro-station «Garegin Nzdeh». The nearest bus station is 2 minutes walk from the flat. The route from the flat to the APY office takes around 30-35 minutes.

Transportation: It is very easy to get around in Yerevan. Within the centre, there are, next to taxis, minivans known as Marshrutka that cost 100 AMD to take locals along designated routes. The metro is also available from 06:30 until 23:00, with prices comparable to the minivans. Foreigners who wish to drive in Yerevan will need to have an International Driving Permit and drive on the right hand side of the road.

I have been volunteering with APY for 1 year. After my voluntary service I decided to return back to Armenia and work there for another year. APY helped me to follow my dreams, to get a job in Armenia and to find great friends. These 2 years were a great experience. I’ve learnt a lot about myself but the thing I appreciate the most is learning to speak proper English.

Dagmara Kedziora


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