Call for Turkish EVS Volunteers in Armenia

Title ; Time to EVS
Duration; 6 months
Place; Yerevan, Armenia
Type; long-term EVS
Starting date; December 5, 2016, or January 5, 2017.

Armenian Progressive Youth and Youth Information Centre Association are delighted to inform about volunteering opportunity for young people from Turkey , aged 18-30 to do EVS in Armenian capital Yerevan. We propose our volunteers EVS  in intercultural youth atmosphere with youngsters from Armenia, Turkey, Sweden, France and Denmark. The volunteer will be proposed one of  the above mentioned EVS vacancies.


Youth and Media Group

The volunteer will work as a member of Youth and Media Group (YM group) that is specialized in Movie making field covering topics of Anti-discrimination, Tolerance, Gender issues, LGBT issues, Healthy lifestyle, etc. EVS volunteer involved here implements three types of activities within the group.

Youth and Environment Group

EVS volunteer will act as a member of Youth and Environment Group (YE group) that is specialized in implementing eco-educative activities in schools, raising awareness of the need for recycling and etc. The volunteer implements three types of activities within the group.

PR group

The volunteer’s role will be supporting APY PR group activities in promoting anti-discrimination, tolerance campaigns and social cohesion activities. Furthermore, the volunteer will be involved in the PR and dissemination of activities of other working groups.  EVS Volunteers tasks will be the promotion of the NGO activities in APY official website, writing posts and articles, supporting in organizing meetings and seminars for interested youth organizations in APY office, supporting in organizing flash-mobs and other youth activities aiming to raise public attention on various topics.

LE Group

Local events organizing group (LE group) implements activities for the benefit of the particular community where APY office is situated. In a wider range, it also includes the whole city of Yerevan. The group implements educative activities having youngsters from 16-25 years old as a target group. Simultaneously LE group manages team-building activities for the local volunteers of APY.

Living and working in Yerevan

Situated on the Hrazdan River, the city is one of the worlds’ oldest, yet in recent times has undergone a major transformation, offering a great history combined with newly constructed retail shops, restaurants, and cafés. Moving to Yerevan means relocation to the capital and largest city of Armenia. Yerevan is a wonderful place to discover and a destination of contrast. Originating as a small town in the 8th century BC, today Yerevan is a large city with a population of over 1 million.

Accommodation: APY provides all the facilities to make your stay and work in Yerevan as smooth as possible. We provide a flat with all the facilities for a comfortable stay in Armenia. The flats are equipped with free Wi-Fi, a washing machine, and heating system. Each flat has its separate kitchen and all facilities needed for cooking; fridge, oven, kettle, gas panel and different types of dishes and kitchen facilities. The rooms are light and with large windows. There is also a common living room for volunteers for socializing and spending free time. The volunteers will be provided with single or twin rooms.

erevan Location: The address of the flat is Nizami 13, Apartment 13, 0016, Yerevan, Armenia. The flat is situated in 5 minutes’ walk from the Metro station “Garegin Nzdeh”. The nearest bus station is 2 minutes walk from the flat. The route from the flat to the APY office takes around 30-35 minutes.

Financial conditions. The volunteer will receive 135 Euros monthly for the meal, pocket allowance, and transport.

Right now Armenian Progressive Youth hosts 3 volunteers from Turkey, Sweden, and France.

More information about the host organization;

If you are interested in any of the vacancies, please send your CV and motivation letter to [email protected] e-mail address till November 25, 2016 25:59. You can also send your questions to the mentioned e-mail address. 

Good luck.

In a New World of Cultural Reality

My name is Hovhannes and very recently I have participated in a short term European Voluntary Service project, funded by the Erasmus + program in Gaziantep Turkey for one month. The theme was social work and volunteering for the environment. We were 12 volunteers from 6 countries in the project organized by Gaziantep Training and Youth Association.

Our EVS aimed at providing education to adults and young people, organize learning activities and workshops, planting trees, gardening, making campaigns etc. We realized that kids and youth have got many disadvantages in the field of social life, they had less information about human rights, gender equality and many other topics… So, we used to assist this target group to develop their personal and social skills.

We used to stay at the association’s building in the city centre of Gaziantep. Gaziantep is the province in south-central Turkey, it’s is not like Istanbul or Ankara, here is an original Anatolian city with unique culture and traditions. We had a well mixture dynamic group of volunteers from different cultures and countries.

Usually we had a schedule to meet on each Monday to decide who is going to do each of the activity of the week. My average day used to start at 10. I was supposed to meet the other volunteers and start preparing the activities. Usually my weekly activities were related to Syrian kids. Kids were quite lovely, welcoming, willing to learn and they used to bring me little drawings as gifts. I really enjoyed the time with them and I got so many positive vibes from them.

Aside of our formal activities we also had an opportunity to face a national festival or a holiday – “Bairam” which in Turkey is known as the sacrifice holiday and is a major event in the Islamic calendar.  The significance relates to the occasion in the Quran when Abraham was ready to sacrifice his own son to the command of God. God interrupted the act and Abraham used a sheep instead, however, the celebration occurs to show the dedication of Abraham and his acknowledgement that God is everything.

Basically that’s a great holiday which falls on the first day of Shawwal, the tenth month of the Islamic year, and falls on the tenth day of Thul-Hijjah and coincides with the Yauman-Nahr, “Day of the Sacrifices” in the Hajj Pilgrimage. Like other religious holidays, Bayram is a time when families and friends gather and spend time with one another, enjoying, eating and also feeding people in need are a large part of the festival’s traditions.

I had a great time enjoying classic Turkish cuisine, regional cooking and traditional family recipes with full course meal including a traditional Turkish soup to start, followed by the main course of meat and side dishes made with rice or bulghur.

Well, back to the experience, living and working abroad with cross-cultural team, outside of my comfort zone, I felt no great differences or culture shock.

It was an experience where I’ve received as a real pledge of emotions, loaded my mind and consciousness with tones of humanity and devotion, gratefulness and peace of mind, harmony and will-power to move on. One of the most precious moments for me was the activities with Syrian kids and that was the one I wanted to live. I wondered how happy, satisfied I am, how everything is crazy and unique in a new world of cultural reality.

Written by Hovhannes Sughyan, EVS volunteer in Turkey

#VOM – First Volunteer Orientation Meeting of Autumn

On Friday the 16th of September, Armenia Progressive Youth NGO held a Volunteer Orientation Meeting to welcome the volunteers who has been selected for Autumn 2016. The volunteering group is a reflection of what APY strives for in its work, a mix of ages, nationalities, gender and backgrounds. To get to know each other in the group, the event started with a name game and other get to know each other activities on the yard of AEON Café.
After this the APY team was presented. The president Erik Ghazaryan participated on a video link from Brussels to welcome all volunteers to the new APY family.

Grigor Yeritsyan, the Vice-President of the organization had a welcoming speech greeting all the newcomers and the previous period volunteers who have been re-selected for the new six month period. They will volunteer with APY starting with September of this year and will finish their volunteering next February.

Nelly Paytyan, the Communications Officer of the organization, talked about the history of the establishment of APY, the 7 year route it has leaded through different changes and team extensions, the structure and the system APY has adopted through years and presented main goals and objectives organization aims at, the work it carries out with young people from Armenia and other European countries on local, international and regional levels as well as the non-formal educational opportunities it offers to youth.

The main presentation has been succeeded by working groups’ presentations conducted by APY’s Project Manager Ani Khachatryan and Office Administrator Adrine. They not only presented the existing working groups of the organization, the scope of activities they are focused on but also delivered a mini-training on Erasmus Plus and European Voluntary Service.


The volunteers are a vital part of the APY organisation since they are a part of the progressive youth in Armenia. Their efforts and ideas bring the organisation forward and inspire more young people to become active citizens. After the presentations the opportunity was given for some small talk while enjoying coffee, tea or wine. I then got the chance to get to know two of the volunteers that have been selected for the autumn!





davit Hi David!
Who are you?

To be brief, currently I am a senior student in marketing department, who is always passionate about new challenges, which are promising with new milestones ahead!
Why APY?
APY has always been in my spotlight as the very platform, where I am able to learn and share! Hereby, it is my pleasure and honor to be the part of a big family, who creates dozens of smiles and gives its contribution a social change in Armenia…
What will be your role in the organisation and what are your expectations?

In APY I am enrolled as PR and communication’s group’s member, where I am way avid to work hard on brand-new projects, schematize and control all communication process with my collegues with a view to see the organization’s PR and communications at its best..

Hi Nonna!
Who are you?
  nI have graduated the department of Journalism in Russian-Armenian University in Armenia. Besides that I have many interests, my main passion is music and everything connected with it.
Why APY?
APY is a big family, where you feel at home with warmth in your heart. It gives our youth many opportunities to develop their skills in communication, leadership, responsibility. APY is the place that pushes me to go forward.
What will be your role in the organisation and what are your expectations?
My role in the organization will be to gather and realize the good ideas of other volunteers. My expectations are connected with making from our group a family.