“ToT Let’ Play a Game” Favara, Italy 11-20/09/2017

Lets Play a game!

On the 11th of August, representatives from Armenia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Moldova, Romania, Russia, as well as Italians, gathered at Tre Torri Hotel, not far from Favara, Italy to find out what is a simulation game, share their experience, and improve their leadership skills.

The training course “ToT Let’ Play a Game” was held as part of Erasmus+ projects. The program was led by Daniela Alexeiciuc and consisted of various activities. Young activists and local leaders from all over Europe participated in diverse exercises focused on simulation games.

Enacting fictitious scenarios, such as discussing a development plan of a city, or composing a survival strategy in a galaxy falling apart, the participants broadened their vision of contemporary society in its complexity, got to know the difficulties of creating a social balance and maintaining control of a situation, and developed their social communication skills. They practiced in managing public discussions, resolvingconflicts, and finding compromises. Such skills are of critical importance in the challenging situation that Europe and the whole world are facing now. As a final contribution, the participants exercised in developing their own simulation games.

Free Minds in Action, the Italian hosting NGO that organized the project, and its head Issam Regragui Soussi, warmly welcomed all the participants in Italy, and secured an impressive cultural program of the event that included a visit to the Valle dei Templi, Scala dei Turchi, and sights in Favara, as well the famous Farm Cultural Park.

It was a creative and a challenge week and thanks organizers be it we got the opportunity to broaden  our horizons  for new experiences.

Everybody Counts: Rural Youth Empowerment in Eastern Partnership Countries

Low level of youth participation in rural or deprived urban areas remains one of the key issues across the Eastern Partnership countries. Specifically in Armenia, Moldova and Ukraine there is a clear lack of youth participation structures in rural areas. At the same time, young people are not able to join the decision-making processes on youth issues at a local level because of the absence of youth consultative bodies or youth councils in the municipalities.

Recognizing the above mentioned problem, “Everybody Counts: Rural Youth Empowerment in Eastern Partnership Countries” project pursues the aim of fostering the integrationand participation of young people from rural and deprived urban areas through:
— Raising awareness on youth participation opportunities,
— Providing job preparation, digital and mobility trainings,
— Developing opportunities and an ongoing conversation with participants on civic engagement/participation.

Most importantly, the project mainstreams rural youth participation issues into state youth strategies and policies among the stakeholders in Armenia, Moldova and Ukraine and encourages the state authorities to put specific efforts in regional and rural youth policy development and implementation.

The project outputs include, but are not limited to the following:
— Empowerment of young people and youth workers through workshops and trainings,
— Summarizing the findings of online research on youth participation and involvement.
— Supporting the development of youth participation structures in rural areas through grass-root work and dialogue with official stakeholders responsible for youth,
— Mainstream youth participation issues into state youth strategies and policies through preparation of a package of recommendations on youth policy,
— Development of a handbook on Inclusion of youth with fewer opportunities.

On December 29th in Yerevan, Armenia an International Youth forum was organized as a part of the effort of mainstreaming youth participation issues. The forum brought together rural youth, the actors from civil society and the state to create and offer to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports the package of recommendations Strategy of the State Youth Policy for 2018-2022.

“The project benefits from the support through the EaP CSF Re-granting Scheme. Within its Re-granting Scheme, the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF) supports projects of the EaP CSF members with a regional dimension that contribute to achieving the mission and objectives of the Forum. The donors of the Re-granting Scheme are the European Union and National Endowment for Democracy. The overall amount for the 2017 call for proposals is 290.000 EUR. Grants are available for CSOs from the Eastern Partnership and EU countries. Key areas of support are democracy and human rights, economic integration, environment and energy, contacts between people, social and labour policies.”

3rd International Youth To Youth Summit in Dubai

International Youth to Youth Initiative and GADHA Initiatives Group for Youth are very glad to present the 3rd International Youth To Youth Summit.

The Summit will be held in Dubai on 23rd – 27th April 2017 and it will have the following theme: Youth Creating Social Innovations and Building Sustainable Future by Means of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) have a profound effect on society and the world. The aim of the event is to bring together the brightest students, youth activists, leaders in the society, entrepreneurs, professors and businessman to start a dialogue on how people can access to these means of information, given the fact that that we only advance as a society, as businesses and as governments when all people can gain access to the full advantages of technologies.

The benefits of access to ICTs  can be found across all major sectors. For young people, access to information means better access to education, labour markets opportunities, political participation and  collaboration processes, needed in order try to response to social concerns and emerging issues.

However, all these benefits offered by ICTs are directly impacted by our ability to create the necessary capabilities for their successful adoption and utilization. Thus, it is necessary to customize and adapt working models of ICT adoption to local environment in order to harmonize such efforts with all necessary relevant factors, such as ICT readiness levels, ICT strategies, ICT master plans, ICT usage and ICT impact, to achieve sustainable and sufficient development.

Y2Y’s goal is to bring together the next generation of digital innovators to reflect, discuss and share the global challenges of today and tomorrow and debate how ICTs can play a role in addressing those challenges.

To explore as many angles of the topic as possible the International Youth to Youth Summit’s Team has secured a number of prominent speakers and workshop facilitators coming from different industries and countries. Furthermore, approximately 70 countries will be present at the event, with applicants, personalities and guests from all around the globe, ready to be inspired and to cooperate on production of joint projects and shared strategy.

About International Youth To Youth Initiative:
Y2Y is an umbrella non-profit, started in 2015, which aims to foster change and to construct an effective environment for youth participation in the decision making process and community development. Through dialogue and immediate action plans it strives to solve the most critical issues in different spheres such as education, social entrepreneurship, human rights, civil society participation, gender equality, informal diplomacy, migration, sustainable development of communities, anticorruption and peacebuilding.  Y2Y Initiative strives to support and empower youth in their efforts to build an equitable and sustainable society aiming to provide an access to efficient means of participation in decision making process and community development.

Website: http://summit2017.y2yinitiative.org/
Email: [email protected] (Karolina Mazetyte, Co-Founder and President of Y2Y)

Useful Links:
Summit schedule: http://summit2017.y2yinitiative.org/summit-programme
Speakers and workshop facilitators: http://summit2017.y2yinitiative.org/keynote-speakers

Culture for Local Development: Call for applications is open!

The Adam Mickiewicz Institute, acting under its flagship brand Culture.pl, and the European Solidarity Centre are pleased to invite young cultural managers from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine to participate in the second edition of the international project “Culture for Local Development”.

We address our project to activists, who:
• focus on local communities and see culture as a tool for introducing social change,
• want to add international dimension to their work,
• want to gain new skills to strengthen their local creative activities.

In March 2017, the first stage of the project will take place in Kyiv, Yerevan and Minsk. Selected candidates will take part in a series of intense workshops led by an experienced mentor. We will focus on deepening their knowledge of socio-cultural project management and broadening their ability to use international cooperation to develop local projects.

The authors of the most promising project proposals will be invited to take part in the second stage of the project — the Summer School. The Summer School will take place in Poland (Lublin and Gdansk) from the 29th of July to the 7th of August 2017. The programme comprises workshops as well as study visits to Polish cultural and civic institutions. These activities will allow the participants to develop project proposals created during the first stage. Young cultural managers will also have a chance to start cooperation with their colleagues from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine and Poland. The participants of the Summer School might receive a financial support from the organisers to implement their projects.

The working language of the project is English, which means that all activities will be conducted in English.

Dates of the first stage of workshops:

• Ukraine (for participants from Ukraine): 3-5 March 2017
• Armenia (for participants from Armenia and Georgia): 10–12 March 2017
• Belarus (for participants from Belarus): 17–19 March 2017

Project’s local partners:
Port Creative Hub (Ukraine)
Armenian Progressive Youth (Armenia)
Gallery TUT.BY (Belarus)

Application Process
Would you like to participate? Please submit your application (in English) by filling in the online form: http://bit.ly/2kpp03E
Deadline for submitting the applications: 16th February, 2017
Selection results will be announced by 18th of February (e-mails will be sent to each applicant).
If necessary, the organisers may provide the accommodation for participants who live outside of Kyiv, Yerevan and Minsk. Participants will have to cover travelling costs by themselves.
Travel and accommodation costs of the Summer School’s participants will be covered by the organisers.
If you have any questions, please, contact us: [email protected]