EVS Project in Romania for Armenian Young People

Fac(e)IN’ a Crowd
 01.02.2017 – 01.10.2017
8 months
 Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania

Brief description of the host organization:
Asociatia ‘Clubul Tinerilor din Sfantu Gheorghe’ – HITI Volunteering Centre Youth Club of Saint George is an organization founded in 2007 and legally registered in 2008. Our main goal is to realize local and international youth projects. We are young professionals (sociologist, social workers, economists, teachers, psychologist, youth workers) with several years of experience in the youth field (having been members and leaders of other organizations).
Our NGO is organizing regular activities for a group of 30 volunteers, most of them youngsters. We have organized also major events like the Youth Festival, a contest for the youth NGO’s from our county where more than 100 youngsters competed and shared experiences. We also have international experience as we have participated in several youth exchanges and trainings under the Youth In Action program. We also organized a 4.3 training in our town called ‘Triple C: Cultures-Communication-Cooperation’.
Our organization is also involved in green projects in our town, we are working together with 77. Bora Istvan scout team in this field. We are accredited for sending and hosting EVS volunteers. We already were the coordinator and host of some EVS projects (Behind the Wall – 10 month, 2 volunteer; VIP Voluntarism in Promotion – 2 month, 5 volunteer; With all Colours EVS Rainbow – 6 month, 2 volunteer; With all Colours EVS Rainbow 2 – 6 months, 2 volunteer) and we have sent several volunteers abroad (Youth Voice for Society – 5 month, 1 volunteer, Mobile Youth Work – Key for yoouth involvement – 1 month, 5 volunteer; The Trainers and Leaders of Future – 4 month, 2 volunteer).

Web: www.onkenteskozpont.ro
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hitionkenteskozpont

The Project:
After various national and international projects that we had done, we came to an understanding that there are many problems, challenges that occur when people with very different cultural backgrounds are working together as a team. The problem becomes even more dramatic in the case of youth with fewer possibilities, those who are on the road of social exclusion. One of the most important activities of our organization is connected to youth with fewer opportunities, especially to Roma children.
At the last census in Covasna County there were 8238 Roma people, 1133 living in urban and 7105 living in rural areas. In reality they are more Roma people living in Covasna County. Both Roma and non – Roma young people have to recognize together the values of Roma culture, traditions. Roma and non – Roma youth workers, youth leaders can and have to be supported by youth organizations. Nevertheless, they have to have methods and tools on how they can do that.
This is the reason what why we plan to host 5 EVS volunteers from Hungary, Armenia, Estonia, Italy and Turkey to share and provide methods and tools for youth workers to recognize their cultural differences and to exchange them between Roma and non-Roma young people. We have two big separated places near Sfantu Gheorghe. One of them is Örkő area of Sfantu Gheorghe, an area separated by a long wall, where more than 3000 Roma people live and also Roma youth from Valea Crisului, the nearest village.
The main aim of our project is to raise the level of information and to increase awareness about the importance of cooperation between different cultures.

Objectives of the project:

  1. To involve Roma youth from Örkő area of Sfantu Gheorghe and Valea Crisului into youth activities through non-formal education methods
  2. To support Roma community development with the involvement of EVS volunteers
  3. To promote cultural diversity and fight against discrimination of Roma people
  4. To develop cooperation with other civic youth organizations
  5. To promote voluntarism, EVS and Eramus+ program among Roma and non-Roma youth

Regarding to the project objectives the proposed project activities are the following:

  1. Informational workshops with volunteers to inform about the developement of the project and the working methods provided in the project
  2. Non-formal workshops with Roma and non-Roma young people
  3. Intercultural evenings in 4 cities of Covasna county: Sfantu Gheorghe, Covasna, Targu Secuiesc and Baraolt.
  4. EVS Caravan, promotion of voluntarism, EVS and Erasmus+ program in 4 cities of Covasna county: Sfantu Gheorghe, Covasna, Targu Secuiesc and Baraolt.
  5. Round table discussions about the future cooperation between Roma and non-Roma young people with other civic youth organizations
  6. Preparing and implementing NO HATE campaign for/with the locals to raise awareness about the diversity and the importance of tolerance in order to live together in equality by organizing Human Library

Beneficiaries of the projects (1430):
5 EVS volunteers from Hungary, Armenia, Estonia, Italy and Turkey; 25 volunteers of our association; 50 Roma young people (25 from Sfantu Gheorghe, 25 from Valea Crisului); 50 non-Roma young people (25 from Sfantu Gheorghe, 25 from Valea Crisului); 250 young people informed about the voluntarism, EVS and Erasmus+ program, 600 blog readers (EVS volunteers blog), 250 participants in the Intercultural evening, 200 participants in the NO HATE campaing (Human Library)

Project environment:
Sfantu Gheorghe is the capital city of Covasna County, Romania. Located in the central part of the country and in the historical region of Transylvania, it lies on the Olt River in a valley between the Baraolt Mountains and Bodoc Mountains. Sfântu Gheorghe is one of the oldest cities in Transylvania, the settlement first having been documented in 1332. The city takes its name from Saint George, the patron of the local church. Sfântu Gheorghe is one of the centers for the Székely people in the region known to them as Székelyföld in Hungarian – which means “Székely Land”, and it is home to the Székely National Museum.

More infos:

Volunteer’s Profile

  • to be aged between 18 and 30 years
  • to be from one of the program or partner countries involved in the Erasmus+ program
  • to be available for an 8 months long EVS stage
  • interested in social diversities and are motivated to work on this field
  • open minded persons
  • interested in non-formal education
  • open to work in an intercultural environment
  • open to work with disadvantaged people (roma youngsters, disabled people, etc.)
  • ready to be a part of the host orgnisation and local community
  • open to fullfill the project goals with their active participation
  • ready to multiply the results of the project in their own community
  • positive expectation is creativity and social skills

Working hours and free days:
The volunteers will work about 30 hours a week, from Monday to Friday. The weekends will be free. They will have 2 free days in each month, and it has to be arranged between the volunteers and organization when they want to enjoy this free days.

Food and accommodation
Accommodation will be offered in mixed flats by the host organization.
The volunteers are going to share kitchen and bathroom. The place is going to be equipped with all the necessary things (washing machine, fridge, etc.).
It will be situated close to the working place of the volunteers. The EVS volunteers will receive monthly food allowance and will be able to prepare his/her meals.

Pocket money
Each month, the volunteer will receive pocket money which amount is set by the Erasmus+ program Guide according to the standard of living in each country. In our case, the pocket money for Romania is 60 euro/month.

Local transport:
We are living and working in a quiet small city, so we don’t really need to use public transportation, but if the volunteers decide to use local transportation (bus), it is going to be financed by the hosting organization. Any work-related travel expenses will be covered by us.

Travel Information
The flight (or any other) tickets for traveling to Romania is going to be either purchased by the sending organization, then we are going to transfer to them the travel cost, either bought by us.
There are limits for the travel costs, according to the Lump Sum of the European Commission:

Armenia – 275 euro                        Hungary – 180 euro                         Turkey – 275 euro
Estonia – 275 euro                             Italy – 275 euro

Application(For Armenian participants, CV instead of application form)
We are looking forward receiving the CV  and motivation letter from the volunteers to the sending organizations.
Please find the contacts  below:

Deadline:   January 20

application form
Armenia: https://www.facebook.com/armenianprogressiveyouth/
(you can also directly send your CV and ML to [email protected])
Estonia: https://www.facebook.com/ContinuousAction/
Italy: [email protected]|
Hungary: [email protected]

For any other questions please contact: [email protected]