APY workshops are motivating young schoolchildren to act eco-friendly

On 11 March, we – APY volunteers, awarded fourteen 6th grade students with certificates of accomplishment for the #AmEco Basics of Ecology course. This is a course aimed at teaching middle school students about the environment we live in, the dangers that now threaten us, and how we can change it.

For four weeks we were headed to Shirakatsi College and every time we entered the classroom our students greeted us with joy and were eager and enthusiastic to learn more about the planet that they are living in.

During our four meetings, the students managed to learn a lot. They learned about reusing and recycling paper and plastic. They also gave a second life to plastic bottles with our help and their bright imaginations. They also learned about the various ways we can save water and electricity, as well as about alternative ways of creating electricity. All of our classes were fun and interactive, filled with various games and group activities.

We also dedicated a class to teach them about Armenia’s flora and fauna. It is crucial for kids to know about the incredibly rich heritage that we have and that now more than ever we have the responsibility to save our rich biodiversity. The students gained a deep sense appreciation for our nature and realized that they can save it by adjusting their behaviors accordingly. During our last meeting our wonderful students prepared short presentations about various environmental topics. Two of the groups showed us how they save water and electricity, and the other group told us the story of a plastic bag which unfortunately does not degrade for 1000 years.

Ani Khachatryan APY volunteer