Be Strong on Finances

The morning of 26th of October would have been as silent and grey as it mostly is at this time of the day and year in Kaunas, Lithuania, if it weren’t for the bright minds from Armenia, Georgia, Portugal, Slovenia and Lithuania gathering for an energizer and team building exercises which later became a routine for the next eight mornings.
Delegates from five countries were excited about a week-long experience, both regarding Lithuanian lifestyle and finances, and seemed ready for whatever was coming their way. Throughout the Be Strong on Finance project participants learned about taxes, loans, stock markets and cost of living in all countries, compared different countries’ economy, gathered information on digital tools to be more financially educated and aware.spaudai4
With all of this knowledge members were asked to create a financially perfect country and to discuss what skills should all people possess in order to become financially independent. Simultaneously with the main topic of the project participant’s curiosity about Lithuania was satisfied when they marched through the streets of Kaunas searching for answers to questions about city’s budget, citizen’s average income and history, when listening to stories about Trakai castle or centuries-old churches in Vilnius. Many hugs and words of encouragement were exchanged during a farewell evening which left many emotionally moved and sad but at the same time happy to have made friends with such positive, open-minded and curious people.

Be Strong on Finance project aimed to stimulate the young and eager minds to discuss financial topics with their peers, to think of solutions rather than excuses for something that is happening in the world of economy and to feel stronger about their financial decisions. Organizers of the project are very grateful to the participants for their ideas and passion to learn.