“Breaking Walls, Building Bridges”

Youth Exchange Program

“Breaking Walls, Building Bridges” is a transnational initiative for young people (18-30) from four (4) different countries: Armenia, Cyprus, Greece and Turkey.
The Objectives of the Youth Exchange Program are:

1. To unite young people through dialogue, cooperation and cultural sharing, so as to break the habit of prejudice and the course of racism from the root;

2. To promote non-discrimination, respect for cultural diversity, a sense of solidarity and a strong commitment to protecting peace, even at the face of conflict;

3. To provide a platform for fruitful and respectful intercultural exchange, learn about other cultures, learn how to cooperate effectively, make international friends and become more global;

4. To provide an opportunity for gaining new skills, enhancing our personal strengths and overcoming our weaknesses through non-formal learning! Through a wide range of interactive workshops, creative activities and team-work projects you will boost your confidence, team-spirit, communication and cooperation skills, use your creativity and critical thinking and network with aspiring and active young people, with whom you share similar dreams.