Call for One Armenian EVS Volunteer in Bulgaria

Association Alternativi International is looking for young people aged 18 to 30 to join our team in Bulgaria for European Voluntary Service /EVS/.

We are currently having a placement for one Armenian volunteer in a 8-month EVS starting from 1-st of June 2017.

The project “EVS Academy” is already APPROVED and will take place in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria.

Project Objectives:

  • providing local youth access to quality youth information and counseling on career development, mobility programs, volunteering, personal development;
  • providing alternative to local youth for organizing activities for their leisure time by organizing thematic clubs, summer camps, cultural workshops, youth festivals;
  • promoting volunteering and EVS and inclusion of local young people to the values of volunteering.
  • organizing the free time of youth; there will be thematic workshops organized according to the interests of the volunteers such as music, cooking, culture, traditions, sports to be an alternative for local youth on their free time spending.


Part of these activities will be conducted in small town and rural areas and include youth who do not have much access to information and opportunities. The project will offer young people an alternative for leisure time activities to ensure access to quality youth information, activities to promote EVS and Erasmus +, trainings and workshops for career development, Academy of success -3-month activity with various modules such as personal development, acquisition of soft skills, entrepreneurship, information about mobility programs, etc. which will improve the chances of young people to enter the labor market. As part of the project we will organize a youth festival associated with the arts, culture and expression of the talents of local youth. Each month the team will issue online youth magazine with a variety of development opportunities and valuable information for young people. Using the tools of non-formal education, we believe that this project will give new opportunities and will have a positive impact on personal and professional development of many young people by providing access to quality youth information, including young people from small towns, encouraging participation in mobility programs, promote their activity and social responsibility, will inform and motivate them to become volunteers will introduce them to new cultures, will raise the level of their knowledge, skills and competencies.


The volunteers will be accommodated in a flat in Blagoevgrad sharing a room with another volunteer from other country but same sex.


The project is financed by Erasmus+ program thus it covers the volunteer`s accommodation and utility costs, pocket money/70euro/ and food money /110 euro per month/, travel costs/2 way ticket based on the most budget way of travel/;  medical insurance; support from the organization by providing mentor and coordinators; Bulgarian language course.