Call For Trainers | Training Course “ACTIVATE: Agents of change-the vital entrepreneurs of tomorrow”


The international training course «ACTIVATE: Agents of change-the vital entrepreneurs of tomorrow” will take place from 16-23 September, 2018 in Yerevan, Armenia and will involve 27 youth workers and youth leaders from 10 countries: United Kingdom, Italy, Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia.

Aims & objectives:

“ACTIVATE: Agents of change-the vital entrepreneurs of tomorrow” training course aims to train and equip youth workers and youth leaders working directly with young unemployed people and disadvantaged youth from refugees/asylum seekers and migrants with essential entrepreneurial and business tools, methods and skills to enable them to contribute to tackling of the problem of unemployment among youth through quality youth work that promotes self-employment and entrepreneurial culture.

The objectives of the training course are:

To introduce youth entrepreneurship as a tool of combating youth unemployment. To support youth workers in developing and sharing effective methods in reaching out to marginalized young people, refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, and in preventing racism and intolerance among youth. To equip the participants with capacity to use youth work to empower youngsters to start their creative search for entrepreneurial opportunities. To learn to use non-formal education to support current and future job-seekers to be pro-active and able to apply entrepreneurial approach into career development. To explore ways for using youth work to bring alienated and marginalized youth back into the economic mainstream and giving them a sense of meaning and belonging; Helping address some of the socio-psychological problems and delinquency that arises from joblessness. To provide the participants with the tools to use Youthpass and the Key Competences supporting young people through creative process of skill harnessing, self-reflection and documentation of the personal learning process. To develop online portal with tools for “Starting Entrepreneurship Focused Youth Work with Marginalized Young People, Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants”.

Target group: 

The training course is designed for youth workers and youth leaders who:

  • represent youth organizations from Italy, Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine and Georgia.
  • are motivated to learn about and make use the outcomes of the training course for empowering disadvantaged youth inside refugees/asylum seekers and migrants communities and for promoting youth entrepreneurship and employability.  Our project puts a strong accent on inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities who demonstrate potential and interest to become youth workers in their communities.
  • are able to communicate and work in English (except youth workers from disadvantaged backgrounds to whom linguistic support can be provided)

Number of participants: 27 participants

Background information:

Youth unemployment is a challenge for all countries, regardless their socio-economic development. The gap between the countries with the highest and the lowest jobless rates for young people remains extremely high. This problem has been aggravated given the current context concerning young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Europe. This issue is targeted mostly from macro level through the notion of wise policy and effective management of the economy. We believe this is not enough. We are convinced that a true and sustainable solution can only come inside-out; when a shift in thinking and change in perceptions takes place in the minds of young people who come to understand that they have more control over their lives than they think and they are empowered to be proactive and strategic, to seize opportunities, to see the potential and take risks.


The training course will be based on non-formal learning methods and principles, intercultural dialogue and communication including group discussions, interactive presentations, participant’s lead workshops, team work, etc. We want to encourage peer learning and inspire youth workers to discuss follow-up and take action in their own countries following the Training Course. Developing skills and competencies of the participants that are needed when working with refugees and migrants, and empowering them to make real change in their local communities and societies should be in the focus while choosing the methods of the Course.

Requested trainer profile

All applicants should have:

— Conceptual and practical knowledge and training experience in working with non-formal educational approach in youth entrepreneurship and possibly in working with migrants and refugees; have been involved in delivering training for at least 2 years, and implementing a learning process in at least international and/or intercultural youth training activities.
— Competence to design a training program based on the principles and approaches of non-formal learning and self-directed learning/learning to learn;
— Experience of working with mixed and international groups, experience in training of groups with 25-30 participants
— Experience in working in an international team with international team of participants;
— Knowledge and understanding of the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme
— Motivation to contribute to the development and implementation of the Training Course according to the initial goals of the Training Course
— Be able to work in English language;
— Be available to be in Yerevan, Armenia from 15-23 September, 2018 and join at least 3 preliminary preparatory meetings online.

Working conditions

All travel, the visa (if a visa is required) board and lodging costs are covered 100% by the organizers, given the strict observance of the rules for travel reimbursement and presentation of all relevant invoices.

APY offers a trainer’s fee of 100 EUR per day of work (700 EUR for 7 working days) and covers all the costs related to the project, including travel, food, training materials and accommodation.

Team composition

Team will be composed of 2 Senior Trainers (to be chosen under this call). The work of the trainers’ team will be supported by an experienced Coordination team.

Application & selection procedure

Apply no later than: 13.08.2018
How to apply:
If you are interested in this offer and you want to be a member of the Trainers Team, please send us your CV and a brief Motivation Letter to [email protected]
Please note that only selected candidates will be contacted.
You will be informed about the selection by: 15.08.2018