Chance to come closer to Europe

All of us dream about success and luck but neither success nor luck manage to visit us all. Sometimes all we need is more information about more opportunities but no matter how hard we search, if we seek in wrong place we’ll never find the needed chance.

On May 8 APY volunteers implemented campaign disseminating Erasmus+ opportunities for Armenian Youth. A group of ambitious youngsters from Armenian Progressive Youth NGO decided to share with young part of the society opportunities of studying and getting experience abroad. “If opportunity doesn’t knock, we must build a door”. Studying opportunities are everywhere but unfortunately not every faced lesson can be useful for our further activities or future success. And for pushing youth to better future Armenian Progressive Youth’s active volunteers decided to make an event of sharing information about access to abroad education in shapes of Erasmus+ opportunities.

APY volunteers distributed fliers informing about the opportunities available for Armenian Youth and disseminated them near universities and public places where young people come together. The main aim was raising awareness about world’s opportunities regarding studying and youth exchanges with educational purpose.

Hovsep Karoyan is an APY volunteer. He studies in University and already used several opportunities given by Erasmus+ and Youth in Action programs. He told us that he’s very happy to have a chance of sharing some valuable information with his society and being useful for some Young people future career. He said that the most important gift for him is feeling himself helpful for something or somebody. “Life is given once. If we want to be successful we must never skip opportunities of life as well as some of them will never be met again. I wish that all Armenian youngsters will manage to use the given opportunities”,-added Hovsep while sharing his motivation with us. The action was implemented as contribution to Europe day information week taking place in Armenia during May, 2015.



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