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WHERE – The project is volunteering in integrated school in the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius.

The school „Versmė“ („stream“ in english) has 544 schoolchildre   n from 6 to 18 years of age. It is primary and secondary school and is specified as an integrated school. They welcome children with mental and physical disabilities, as well as emigrants in their school and do a lot for integration in society. It is based on human and christian values. All teachers and administration tries to develop habits of tolerance, respect and solidarity. Non formal education takes place in their village house in country side near Vilnius – camping, day actvities, etc. There are different national and international projects going on at school and local community, so everyone is more or less used to work internationally, to welcome volunteers.

WHAT – the help of volunteers is needed during lessons of foreign language; during art, geograpghy lessons for children with special needs; in organising activities for children during breaks and while waiting for transport to go home; help in value education programm in the village house twice a year – create and organize the camp; and other possible activities such as helping students in Parliament acitivities, prepeare school feasts, developing school‘s website together with students, help prepearing different excursions, trips, activities, rallies, different help for students with disability in crafts, art and other lessons, etc. Maximum 36hours in a week, sometimes during the weekends, but then, having a day off on working day.

WHEN – 2017 September till 2018 July (10 months)

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