Europe Day with APY and Young People

This year Armenian Progressive Youth joined the organization and the celebrations of the Europe Days in Armenia together with European Union in Armenia. In the frame of the celebrations APY organized manifold informative and engaging activities.

On June 5th, Armenian Progressive Youth NGO took part in the EU info fare that hosted current EU-funded projects, with a special emphasis on information and activities interesting for young people. APY organized and set up an info desk with brochures, videos and flyers explaining the aims, work, values and APY’s mission in Armenia. Throughout the event, a plethora of young people could come and learn more about the APY and Erasmus+ projects and also get to know the ways and opportunities to participate in various youth exchanges and training courses, as well as learn the conditions to become part of the APY as a volunteer.

To make the EU days in Yerevan even more fun and memorable, Armenian Progressive Youth volunteers in cooperation with the European Union in Armenia organized a spectacular concert that featured popular songs by legendary European singers and bands.  Also, we had a workshop where information about the opportunities that APY is giving to young people in Armenia was presented.

In APY we highly believe in the importance of a non-formal education in a development of one’s perception of the world and self. Thus, APY organized a video contest “Europe 4 Youth” to encourage youth to share and present their ideas in an engaging, creative and yet very informative manner. As a result, 19 years old Arpine Kirakosyan became the winner of the contest. In the video, Arpine shares her viewpoint of Europe. She has chosen 4 important areas where Armenia meets Europe. For her beautiful work, Arpine wins a week long fully paid educational trip to one of the EU countries.

The European Union sees youth as a vital force for change and prosperity, as the most important resource for the growth and development of the world in its every aspect. Armenian Progressive Youth fully supports and beliefs in this idea. Hence, the NGO is working very hard to give Armenian youth the best opportunities for self development and education possible. APY’s active participation in the European Days of 2016 was extremely beneficial for the young people, as now many enthusiastic and bright people learned about the opportunities and the environment that APY can offer and will have a chance to become a part of a large APY family and grow as an individual and an active citizen.