Halloween Party with APY, AIESEC in Armenia and AEGEE-Yerevan

On the 31st of October together with AIESEC in Armenia and AEGEE-Yerevan we hosted a joint Halloween party for all our members. The Beatles pub opened its doors at 7 pm, and soon after guests arrived decorated to celebrate #Halloween. During the night the members and leaders of the organisations were mingling and dancing. The idea of the event was to create an opportunity for the members from each organisation to get to know each other and exchange ideas and projects for the future. Further more, it was a way for the members to get to know the other organisations operating in the field of Youth in Armenia.” The stronger connections we have between the organisations- the better projects we can develop in the future” Says Adrine Aghabekyan, one of the project managers for the event. “These three organisations are very similar and the best in their field. There has been a lot of competition between the youth organisations, and now it is about time we start to cooperate!”