How to survive the multicultural society?

by Dave Poghosyan, APY Volunteer

Unity of cultural diversity is and has always been one of the strongest factors of human nature’s further development. But still no matter how far we go into science and Mother Nature, there are still dozens of factors which represent barriers for effective “human race” communication process. The training course «How to Survive the Multicultural Society» organized by Armenian Progressive Youth NGO (Armenia) and JUB International (the Netherlands) was implemented with  teaching methods that supported participants not get confused and actually understand “how to survive in multicultural society”.

We were from different corners of the word. Indeed each of us was different from others but for none of us that weren’t strange as none of us was feeling more special as all of us was special in our own way. We cooperated with each other and discovered that how enormous strength is being united and how wealthy we become with our diversity, too.

Non-formal education was leading our way every morning. Intercultural love becomes a factor to hold on and never give up with positive hopes about the future. We learnt respect while being respected, to hear by being heard, to see the whole picture by being part of it and to care more as everyone was carrying about us. Life will go on, it will change, change us as well. But the plants of “peace”, “friendship” and “care” that we grew in our hearts will never make us to change the attitude to each other and to world because we for see each of us is part of big world, big diversity, big future.



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