Inner Peace for Youth: International project in Latvia

On May 17th, 2016, Sergey and I started our journey to Latvia. pic1
For me it was my second Training Course, but Sergey had never participated in a training before. But both of us were equally excited about the project and getting to visit Latvia: a country we had never been before. We decided to go a day earlier to be able to enjoy it on our own a bit and see around Riga. Besides, I already had a good friend from Latvia from my previous Training Course in Belarus (one of the perks of Erasmus+: making friends from all over the world). Linda, my friend from Latvia, greeted us and showed us the beautiful places of Riga.
We also met Angelina, another participant from Macedonia (FYROM) and had great time before the start of the TC.


After 3 hours of ride we finally arrived at Chill Inn, our TC venue.  It immediately took our breaths away. It was the perfect place for a training about inner peace. Tall trees stood all around and sea was just 5 minutes away.  The training was the second “Peace Way for Youth” training and it was concentrated on inner peace.

Our mornings started with a nice yoga session on the beach.  After yoga we were hurrying back to Chill Inn to have our tasty vegetarian breakfast (actually, all meals were vegetarian). Immediately after breakfast we moved to our teambuilding and inner peace building activities. Our trainer, Ilze, made us go deep into ourselves and explore us to an extent which we didn’t know we could. It was a week of self-discovery. Our sessions were eye-opening and emotional. Most of the participants were sharing touching stories from their experiences during our storytelling sessions. Day by day our circle was becoming stronger.  Through our activities we got to know ourselves and be at peace with who we are.
I learned from the TC that in order to create peace around you you must have a clear understanding of yourself and have peace within.
After the end of the project we left Latvia with inner peace, sweet memories, many friends, and an anticipation for the next stage of the project in Stockholm, Sweden.