Let’s Make it Home – Seminar on Inclusion of Refugees/IDPs in Hosting Communities

On 14-22 April 2016 an international seminar “Let’s Make it Home” took place in Sumy, Ukraine. The aim of the seminar was to empower youth and NGO workers with tools and practices in working on inclusion and humanitarian support of IDPs and refugees in hosting communities.

The seminar involved 36 youth workers and youth activist with experience in conflict resolution, physiological therapy, cultural studies, human rights, project management, law, social work, and health care from 12 countries (Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, UK, Ukraine, Turkey) working with IDPs and refugees in their communities.

The methodologies of the seminar was based on non-formal education approaches such as: intercultural, experiential and participatory learning, problem analysis, panel discussion and sharing good practices to promote greater cohesion and integration between host communities and refugees/IDPs.

The participants of the seminar identified issues that had arisen in local communities hosting IDPs and refugees. Main issues named by the participants were lack of integration, acceptance and communication among hosting communities and IDPs/refugees, as well as indifference and refusal faced by the migrants.

The practical outcome of the seminar is drafted recommendations by the participants for local authorities, governments, and educational institutions, local, national and international NGOs working in hosting communities.

The developed recommendations are expected to contribute to prevention of possible conflicts in local communities; and ensure intercultural dialogue between various parties involved.
Additionally to it, the participants developed follow-up initiatives focused on the integration of refugees and IDPs in their local communities.

The project was implemented by NGO “Center for European Initiatives” (Ukraine) and NGO “Active Ukrainian in Europe” (Sweden) in cooperation with Youth Peace Ambassadors Network and with financial support of National Agency of Erasmus + Programme in Sweden.

Recommendations for Integration of IDPs and Refugees in HCs