My story of volunteering with APY

by Nonna Hovhannisyan, APY Volunteer

10676158_816765975044813_754716978132158981_nAPY (Armenian Progressive Youth) is a place, where a volunteer is appreciated and a place that gives mass of opportunities to achieve your goals and dreams. Many times being in a new community we try hard to become a part of the group doing our best to succeed. Sometimes our attempts turn to have been in vain. However, for me, this doesn’t apply to APY at all.

I got accepted to volunteer with APY in March 2015 and being a newbie I have never felt like an outsider. Warm environment, interesting events, suggestions; time just disappears here and for any young person getting away from reality sometimes can be a necessity. Being a part of this world, one shouldn’t forget about his or her responsibilities that are the unbreakable part of every day. Here, everyone has their tasks that are essential to develop one’s personal skills. Being in the PR team, in a short time I have already attended mass of interesting events and got some experience in running them as well.

It is interesting to have the opportunity to do things in fields that have direct connection with my major and the things I like as well. Overall, let me just say that APY is a big family which is always there to welcome anybody.


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