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From 2-nd to 10-th of October Armenian Progressive Youth NGO together in cooperation with MOJU – Associação Movimento Juvenil em Olhão from Portugal will be co-hosting the international Partnership Building Activity bringing together 30 youth workers in Yerevan to discuss the challenges young people face in the job market and the methods they can use to become a competitive job seeker and an employee.


At the same time the project is focused on supporting, inspiring and engaging young people from Europe to develop their social leadership skills, take up a civic responsibility  and act as a change-maker in their own communities. During the project participants will share the best practices and success stories on combating youth unemployment in their own countries and communities as well as research and discover job opportunities accessible for all participant countries, receive the respective input from trainers and experts, make field visits and group discussions. In the end of the training course participants will create a contemporary method that will be used to empower young job seekers to find jobs in their own local communities.

The 7-day activity aims at supporting young people in Europe who face unprecedented difficulties in finding a job.

Among the participating countries are Portugal, Armenia, Belarus, Croatia, Greece, Ukraine, Spain, Austria, Georgia, Turkey, Netherlands, Moldova, Italy and  Cyprus.It is our belief that youth workers from different EU and neighboring countries can change the situation locally and internationally. Thanks to mobility projects, youngsters can meet, discuss the problems of youth unemployment, share the best practices, raise the issues of unemployment, create networks and implement projects tackling the issue in their local communities and on an international level.