Partnership Building Activity – Need Education to Work “NetWORK” in Armenia

7 days and 7 objectives to reach – these were the main tasks of the international group of 30 participants, youth workers, representing 14 countries, have a topic of common concern which  is youth unemployment.

Need education to work or Network was a Partnership building activity, that launched in Yerevan, Armenia on October 2, 2016. The main aim of the activity was to empower youth workers overcoming youth unemployment issues in their own countries. The idea to implement the project was developed by the applicant and host organizations – APY and MOJU.

Joao Dias, president of MOJU

The project is focused on supporting, inspiring and engaging young people from Europe in developing their social leadership skills, take up a civic responsibility and act as a change-maker in their own communities. During the project participants share the best practices and success stories on combating youth unemployment in their own countries and communities as well as research and discover job opportunities accessible for all participant countries, receive the respective input from trainers and experts, make field visits and group discussions. The Portuguese

National Agency and Erasmus+ Programme made the project possible in Armenia. Erik Ghazaryan is one of the trainers of the Partnership building activity. He is sure that the PBA will contribute to creating more international projects.

Erik Ghazaryan -The PBA trainer
To reach the objectives, the trainers used non-formal education and informal learning methods; including t

eam-building activities, group discussions, team presentations, exchange of best practices, role plays, input from trainers, field visits, world cafe, reflection groups, informal activities and other methods. All the participants will use the gained skills to overcome the youth unemployment issues in their countries

Joakim -Participant
Among the participating countries are Portugal, Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Georgia, Italy, Moldova, Spain , the Netherlands, Turkey, and Ukraine. It is our belief that youth workers from different EU and neighboring partner countries can change the situation locally and internationally. Thanks to mobility projects, youngsters can meet, discuss the problems of the youth unemployment, sha

re the best practices, raise the issues of unemployment, create

networks and implement projects tackling the issue in their local communities and at the international level.