Rock with APY

Rock music is not just some style of music, it is precisely the one, in which youth will continue living in our souls and it’s the one which raises the feeling of freedom of self-expression and makes many youngsters more self-confident than any other condition can ever make.

On 27th of August there was a huge event for rock music lovers in Irish pub organized by APY volunteers Nonna Hovhannisyan and Dave Poghosyan. The place was fulfilled with youth spirit and energy which also resulted for high mood greetings for two cool Armenian rock bands: “Fairwind” and “Route 11” whom we were honored to meet in Irish pub.

The event itself was about mixing youth life’s corners with volunteering and appropriately before all got started APY’s volunteers showed several short-films which they had made. There was an informative short-film about being a volunteer made by active media group member of APY Khachatur Tovmasyan and two others about generally Armenian folk and rock music mad by talented volunteer Karina Mikayelyan which was followed by applauses.

APY was also very glad about “Route 11” band’s member Nare Nikoyan who is still involved in volunteering and at the same time she is deeply involved in rock music culture as she is one of the singers of “Route 11” and “Nairi” rock bands. The event was organized well but it could not been even better without “Fairwind” and “Route 11”s’ performances as if the informative part was insured by APY’s volunteers’ hardworking result the high mood and active atmosphere was continuously insured by this two great Armenian rock bands. We can proudly announce that Armenian Progressive Youth in cooperation with Irish pub, “Fairwind” and “Route 11” bands made everybody’s evening.



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