“Stone Age in Us” Youth Exchange Project in Lithuania

The youth exchange “Stone Age in Us” took place in wonderful Lithuania in mid-July, with 31 amazing young people form Armenia, Estonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Lithuania and Portugal.

Some of us have been to their first project, some others hopefully not the last one. And this are impressions of some of Armenian participants.

Davit Baghdasaryan

The project “Stone age in us” gave me the opportunity to discover not only the habits and national character of other countries but also their deep routes coming from very ancient times. During the project we felt closer to the nature due to camping and hiking. The life in tents, evenings around the bonfire, preparing food on fire and different relevant workshops made us to feel the spirit of Stone Age. This helped us also to become a strong team by overcoming several challenges and difficulties. With this team we managed to take care of the ecology by organizing the habitat of rare species of butterflies.13939320_938691632944015_9008733182869103635_n

As my first project it exceeded my expectations. Furthermore, I acquired a lot of new friends of different nationalities and I believe that due to our newly formed but enough strong friendship we will meet again and again somewhere in Europe and will ensure the success of other projects as well.

Lilit Baghdasaryan

The idea of the project “Stone age in us” interested me from the beginning. It was informative to know the traditions of other countries and their problems. We understood that we have many things in common. I very much like the atmosphere of participant countries and acquired a lot of new friends, whom I hope I will see again. For me the best part of the project was the time that we spend in the woods. I learn a lot of things about camping. Also we did workshops. At the workshops we show each other what hand skills we know, so at the end of the project we learned a lot of new things. Most of all in this few days I liked participants of the project, and we spend a really good time together.

Vahan Ghazaryan

During the project ”Stone age in us” I learned lots of important and necessary thing which I’ll need in future. At first I was a little disappointing/shy, because everything was new for me: new people, unusual and not popular topic we should discuss and the idea that we are spending 2-3 nights in the forest. I always like the things or events which are connected with the nature, the environment.

13957989_938691816277330_2942290366513940318_oThis week was one of the most important and special in my life. I learned how to make a tent, to sleep inside it, to have a amazing expedition while hearing the birds voices, and doing every step with a great pleasure, with singing, dancing, and joking. I aquired lots of new friends from Portugal, Macedonia, Estonia, and Lithunania. Everything was unforgettable and every second I was enjoying my time. Thank you Lithuania.

Mané Matevossian

For now I know one thing for sure. I could never imagine this very first project of mine could replenish my monotone life with so many amazing colors just in two weeks. Each participant from his/her own country added their own sweet taste to this project which I could never ever forget. Thanks to the participants open mindedness and passion concerning the theme, we created the best of the ancient human’s world with its culture and appropriate way of living. We created various handmade jewelries, wood cups. And the hiking we had and the festival we organized are the real proofs that we succeed in creating a brave “stone age” person in ourselves. Particularly, the camping spent in the village Mozuriškes gave us the chance to act and think differently. As it was in the ancient times, also in the camp too we did everything as a group and nothing prevented us from our resistant attitude. I really hope that it was the first, but not the last project with these kinds of lovely and bright people are.

The exchange project was developed and implemented in cooperation with the following partners: Armenian Progressive Youth, Volunteer’s Center Skopje, Continuous Action, AEVA, and the hosting organization: LOBIU DIRBTUVES.