Volunteer Orientation Meeting

On March 13, Armenian Progressive Youth NGO has welcomed its new 40 volunteers, coming from different backgrounds, cultures and creeds, during the Volunteer Orientation Meeting at Article 3 club.

The purpose of the event was firstly getting to know each other, presenting the organization with its goals and the wide range of activities, where the volunteers will be actively involved giving their priceless time and contribution. The volunteers are allocated in 4 different groups: Local Events, Youth and Environment, Youth and Media, PR and Communications, where they will support the organization to attain its main goals by putting their personal approach and ideas into action during February-August period.
The event has started and proceeded by two ex-volunteers, Tamara and Varsik, who prepared name-game, interesting teambuilding activities and energizers for all, meanwhile they shared their volunteering stories and experiences in APY with the newcomers.

After getting to know each other, Grigor Yeritsyan, the Executive Director of APY, had its welcoming and motivating speech. He explained the opportunites Erasmus+ programme gives as well as he talked on youth mobility.

Nelly Paytyan, the Programs Director, presented volunteers the overall structure of the organization, its vision, history and the core activities, as well as introduced the PR and Youth & Media working groups, where the volunteers should actively learn, demonstrate their capacities and put their bold aspirations in a motion.

The project coordinator, Adrine Aghabekyan, after presenting herself, her experience and role in the organization, she, as the coordinator of the Local Events and Youth & Environment groups also, explained all previous activities organized with the support of the ex-volunteers, and the expected efforts  from newcomers.

Our newcomers wanted to share with the readers about their vision, expectations and impressions in APY by presenting themselves.
Nana, “When doing something, the main questions that come to our minds are what can we get from it or what’s our benefit. When I first got acquainted with the concept of volunteering, I came up with a new role model. I started appreciating any experience, the opportunity to work and cooperate with different people. What is more, I acknowledged the advantages of teamwork. In general, it is a great pleasure to know that you have the tools to make important social changes.
I have heard a lot about APY and its warm atmosphere; furthermore, it is very motivating and encouraging when youth is in the role of undertaking new things.
During the orientation, I learned about lots of programs in detail that had only heard about. Moreover, I had a concrete apprehension of the organization and its activities, in the end. However, the best part of this orientation day was that I met lots of new people and managed to discuss some professional and other ideas.”

Arvin, “During the Volunteer Orientation meeting, I noticed that I was the youngest volunteer among all, but it did not make me feel uncomfortable, I got acquainted with many creative people. Everyone had its own way of thinking and special skills. What was more; I had the chance to speak freely with the foreign volunteers as well.
The staff was consisted of very energetic and humorous people. We did not get bored even a minute, because the atmosphere was absolutely friendly and warm. We got informed about APY and its main activities. Also, I was introduced about Erasmus+ projects and the opportunity to take part in.
To sum up, I am really happy to get involved in this big APY family. I am sure, in APY I will have many opportunities to grow and develop myself.”


Janna, “Hi, I’m Janna. I am a future linguist and currently, I’m in the second year of my studies. I am included in the PR and Media Group. Frankly speaking, I’m very impressed, as I appreciate the creative thinking and informal method of doing things (especially energized by the games organized by Tamara).
The atmosphere in the Orientation meeting, which APY provided us with, was really a friendly, bright and unusual one. Besides telling the newcomers about the company, the volunteers were given the opportunity to get acquainted with each other from different aspects.
I am sure with APY we’ll have a productive volunteering period full of fun, unforgettable moments and joy, as well as we will see the results that we need to achieve together!”


Vahram, “ Hey, I am Vahram. I am 20 years old and I study at the Yerevan State University as a future sociologist. Despite the high-quality education that universities or other educational institutions provide, I think that in today’s reality the formal education is not only enough to have a serious success. Besides the professional skills, it is necessary to develop some qualities, which will ensure our competitiveness in nowadays labor market, which is not an easy thing.
Hence, I have decided to pass this interesting, promising and responsible path with APY by being a volunteer in PR and Communications group.
I will share my impression of the first meeting in one sentence: I think APY will be the key ticket to my lucky future.”