Volunteer Orientation Meeting

Community organizations often depend on a constant influx of new volunteers to survive and thrive as they try to obtain their goals. To do so, however, it is important that our new volunteers understand that we really are welcoming them with open arms. By skilfully managing orientation programs, we are effectively institutionalizing that welcome and making sure that everyone who wants to help will understand what they are doing and why they do it. We are showing our volunteers how important their help is to the organization. Making sure, they understand their positive and effective impact on the organization is one of the best ways to make sure that the volunteers we orient today remain dedicated in the months and years to come.

For that reason, on September 16 APY (Armenian Progressive Youth) NGO, holding the above-mentioned values, held its first Volunteer Orientation Meeting of Autumn in EON.

During the orientation meeting we covered the following gap of information:

  • We gave a short description of our organization’s programs and it’s relationship in our community and beyond it’s borders.
  • We spoke about our organization’s structure, including an introduction to key staff members and an explanation of their roles.
  • Our newly selected volunteers got informed what is expected of them, including a general overview of the jobs they will be doing.
  • We conveyed brief history of our organization supporting them to understand our organization’s mission, policies and main goals, as well as how the volunteer can contribute. A short description of organization’s rules and procedures were given as well.
  • The volunteers evaluation and performance review system was presented.
  • We represented our volunteers a host of programs including Erasmus+program, European Voluntary Service and others giving a wide range of opportunities to young people.

After the overall presentation the participants had an opportunity to know to each other and had talks over a cup of tea and coffee.

Written by APY volunteer Marianna Amirkhanyan