Armenia – Azerbaijan Youth Dialogue

It’s Hard to be a Good Neighbor in a Bad Neighborhood

Implementers:         Armenian Progressive Youth (ARM), Nazim Ibadov (AZ)
Duration:                   11 months

The project aims to engage young people from areas affected by the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict into peacebuilding initiatives through formation of a joint youth group of Armenians and Azerbaijanis who will know how to neutralize hate speech and aggressive rhetoric in online platforms. The implementers, Armenian Progressive Youth NGO (Armenia) and Nazim Ibadov (Azerbaijan), will form in-country groups of 30 young people (in total 60) aged 18-25 who will participate in a number of workshops focusing on Psychology of Relations, Tolerance, Team Building, Conflict Transformation, Ethical Codes and Human Rights. Following the workshops, the implementers will invite the most active and motivated participants (10 from Armenia and 10 from Azerbaijan) to participate in a 5-day joint camp in Georgia. The participants of the camp will brainstorm on possible cooperation within joint projects that should aim at reducing hate speech in online platforms. The implementers will support some of the most promising joint projects. The same group of young people will attend a follow-up camp in Georgia to present the results of the implemented joint projects, and share their experiences and lessons learned while struggling against online hate speech. In a long run, the project will form a group of active young peacebuilders from Armenia and Azerbaijan who will know how to address hate speech and aggressive rhetoric in online platforms by promoting a language of respect and peace. Provided the political and financial environment is conducive, the project may expand its scopes by engaging new groups of young people from across the conflict divide.