Welcoming 200 New Members at APY, Hosting an International Training Course and Launching 3 Exciting Brand-New Schools in Armenia

The 16th of October 2021 has been a very remarkable day on the calendar of the Armenian Progressive Youth, since 200 young people joined our organization, and we formed a big new family. The Membership Ceremony has been a real opportunity for our newly selected members to explore in which possible directions they can be active, get non-formal education and give back to society.

After successfully finishing our annual Membership Ceremony, we kicked off the training course ‘Diverse and Inclusive Youth Work for All’, or simply the DIY. This ongoing project targets 30 young workers, young trainers, and educators to equip them with diversity orientation, diversity management, diversity-oriented awareness and attitudes, as well as key tools and methods in the work with young people across EU and EU Neighboring countries.

In parallel with our ongoing international project, we have launched a call for participants for the training course ‘Media Literacy Ambassadors’, which is going to take place from 5 to 12 November 2021. The training course is aimed at developing competences among youth from regions of Armenia in the field of media literacy, digital literacy, as well as cyber literacy.

The young people from regions of Armenia will have another incredible opportunity as well, which will develop their social and leadership skills and help them to set right career goals for the future. This ‘Employment School’ will be held in Yerevan from November to December 2021.

Whereas our ‘Employment School’ targets young people from 18-25 years old, with the ‘Adolescents Empowerment School’ we target people aged between 15-19. In the frames of this initiative, the adolescents will learn about financial literacy, will explore volunteering opportunities, and get professional orientation counselling starting from the 1st of November 2021 in Yerevan.

As it has always been the case, the Armenian Progressive Youth strongly believes that youth is not the future, but the present. Therefore, we continue to enable and empower youth to be present and be the actors of change in societies and communities in all possible ways.

APY is celebrating its 10 th anniversary!

What was a youth initiative in 2009 that has turned into a well-established youth organization? To tell the truth, 2020 has not been kind to any of us. However, this is a very special year for our member organization – Armenian Progressive Youth NGO – as it marks its 10-year anniversary. This is definitely a milestone to celebrate! 10 years of APY in Armenia has led to the development and recognition of the non-formal education landscape and youth work both in Armenia and in the entire region. All of it was accomplished together with the highly valued former and current talented employees, members, volunteers and beneficiaries of the organization.

Thanks to the combined efforts of every individual who joined APY’s big family over the past 10 years, the organization has delivered directly to 40.000 young people in various ways:
✔ 4000 local and international young volunteers have served with APY;
✔ 5000 young people in Armenia benefited from APY’s training and volunteering opportunities in more than 50 countries;
✔ 10.000 hours of training and capacity building have been provided to young people;
✔ 3500 young people from all over the world visited Armenia to benefit from non-formal education and training opportunities offered by APY;
✔ 500 local and international projects were implemented;
✔ 100 youth initiatives and community projects were supported locally by APY.

After starting a career with APY, many of the organization’s former managers, members, volunteers and beneficiaries are now successful entrepreneurs, community leaders, politicians, educators, CSO leaders, CEO’s of local and international private companies as well as key actors in Armenia’s public institutions. Each one of them has been and is a part of APY’s journey.
Today, APY continues to be a safe place where young people come to learn and develop their capacities and grow personally and professionally. Currently, APY engages 100 enthusiastic members and a bank of 3000 volunteers across the country. Meanwhile, the organization runs about 15 nationwide and a number of international projects through its team of 10 hard-working staff members and about 20 experts, youth workers and young professionals.

The organization is proud of its active team full of creativity, professional drive, innovative ideas, and determination to make them work. Marine Harutyunyan (23, IT specialist) has been volunteering at APY for already 4 years. “I couldn’t be happier to be a part of such an amazing family”, she says. “Volunteering at APY has given me so many opportunities and chances and amazing and irreplaceable friends. I believe that APY has made me the person that I am today. My life before APY was like Alice’s life before Wonderland”. Marine’s story is among many. In the upcoming months, APY will be introducing its success stories and years of work through its #APY10 Anniversary Campaign. You can join the celebrative activities and events via APY 10th anniversary Facebook event.