A Very Productive Summer for APY!

During the summer of 2021 Armenian Progressive Youth has been actively involved in the implementation of its projects addressed to women, displaced people, youth as well as students and teachers. Due to the pandemic and the recent war in Armenia impacting our economy, leading to unemployment and also to domestic migration, our strategy has been directed to more local levels.

With our one-year-long project “Strengthening Stability and Resilience of Displaced People”, started on July 2021, we focused on young people, people with disabilities and women living in regions of Armenia to unleash their employment and entrepreneurial potential and to provide opportunities to develop their soft skills and self-confidence. This project offers a combination of innovative approaches such as skills upskilling and reskilling through work-based learning, sectoral mentoring, paid vocational training opportunities or capacity building.

In the frames of another project called “Actors of Change”, we have trained the teaching staff of several Armenian universities for 2 months, during which they developed competencies in non-formal education. This will enable them to apply their acquired skills while building academic programs of universities, transforming the concept of traditional classrooms and recording measurable learning outcomes amongst students.

Besides our local projects, the “Up to You(th)” training course has created an opportunity to bring together youth workers, project managers and trainers from partnering organizations of North Macedonia, Slovakia, and Armenia to explore what holds young people back from demonstrating more participation in civic society and political initiatives and to learn how we can contribute to maximizing the level of youth participation in 3 countries.

For the next upcoming months, we will continue to enable young people to be part of projects focused on media literacy, empowerment, employment, and entrepreneurship.