International Training Course on Migration and Youth is Being Launched in Yerevan



‘Unity in diversity? From challenges to opportunities”
30 March -April 7
Yerevan, Armenia

Current migration’s processes largely affect youth since a tangible percentage of migrants are young people. In reality, many young people face discrimination at their home, public domain and very often are subject to bullying. What is more, youth is often excluded from the public debate and discussions; their voice is hardly heard. And here, youth organizations and youth workers are often the ones who promote intercultural dialogue through human rights education among young people.

“Armenian Progressive Youth Progressive Youth” NGO together in partnership with “Active Ukrainians in Europe” NGO launches a multi-layer project entitled as ‘Unity in diversity? From challenges to opportunities’. The project will gather 32 youth workers and youth educators from Armenia, Denmark, Georgia, Italy, Moldova, Poland, Sweden, Turkey and Ukraine from 30 March to 7 April in Yerevan, Armenia to discuss how current military conflicts and migration processes affect young people and analyze the current migration challenges in Europe trying to offer solutions from the perspective of youth work.
A conference on Migration and Youth will be hold within the project on April 5th which will highlight the importance of youth workers and young people in the debates on migration and discussing how youth workers can use the intercultural dialogue tools to combat intolerance towards migrants.

The youth workers will come up together to analyze the emigration and immigration situation in participating countries and to find out the causes of migration, to share experiences and best practices of integrating young migrants in youth organizations.

The most important outcome of the training will be the development of Recommendation paper and Toolkit for the youth workers. It would include the participants’ best practice examples (various games and exercises on intercultural communication, inclusion tools) and recommendations on the work with young immigrants. It will help to avoid prejudices and cultural misunderstanding. The ToolKit will be uploaded on Salto Tool Box to make the material accessible for other youth workers to be applied in their daily youth work.


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lets talk-120At least one in five of the world’s female population has been physically or sexually abused by a man at some time in their life: this is one of the most important data that all the society must deal with. Continue reading

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Love means Love: LGBTI Rights in Armenia

by Ester Violante

When I first decided to take up the responsibility to realize a project to support and protect LGBTI rights I also had to break the wall of prejudice, ignorance and fear in my surrounding. This is why it was quite hard to make a video about LGBTI topic. In Armenia fighting against discrimination and homophobia is an every-day struggle.

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APY workshops are motivating young schoolchildren to act eco-friendly

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New Line for New Generation


APY has partnered up for a project “New Line for New Generation” that took place in Berlin, Germany form 11-20 December 2015.  The main aim of the youth exchange was education of young people about entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship.

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