“How to survive the multicultural society” a practical training for young idealists


Unity of cultural diversity is and always was one of the strongest factors of human nature’s further development. But still no matter how far we go into science and Mother Nature, there are still dozens of factors which represent barriers for effective “human race” communication process. The training course was made with rational approach and teaching methods to support participants not get confused and actually “how to survive in multicultural society”. Continue reading

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PHOTO CONTEST ! “See Armenia” – Until December 10, 2015

Do you want to represent your personal work in Europe?

Do you want to become the winner of the Armenia representing postcards contest?

Do you want to represent Armenia in Pan-European platforms?

If the answer to the previous questions is yes, then this announcement is for you!

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“Trainers against discrimination” Rustavi-Yerevan-Split

Training of Trainers “Trainers against discrimination” is a project implemented in three phases. The first ToT was conducted on September 9-16, Rustavi, Georgia. During the training 18 participants from Armenia, Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Poland and Croatia gathered together to further develop their competences and skills as trainers. Furthermore, the training aimed at evolving participants’ skills on how to facilitate a simulation game. After a 7-day intensive work the group created a new simulation game which reflected the issue of discrimination.  Continue reading

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Let’s be eco-friendly

Armenian Progressive Youth NGO’s Youth & Environment group’s main job is to raise awareness among youngsters about the environmental dangers threatening the world and promoting being eco-friendly. Continue reading

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“Be a friend, you’ll find a friend”

The walls of the tunnel, separated in Mashtots 15th address will also deliver the message about the problems we have in our society. Volunteers of “Armenian Progressive Youth” NGO with cooperation of Yerevan Municipality and help of “Sard” organization by using paints and brushes gave new spirit to tunnel’s walls separated in Mashtots 15 starting from October 24  in 4 days. Continue reading

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