Discover the world with APY: Qatar


On February 25th the atmosphere in Armenian Progressive Youth was great. In the frameworks of the “Discover the World with APY” was realized an informative meeting about Qatar and was successfully presented by Shushan Minasyan who has been one of our active members since the beginning of her volunteering period. Continue reading

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APY PR Group November 20-March 20, 2014-2015 printed activities

Here are the album materials developed, implemented and produced by our lovely volunteers from PR group.

APY team

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Let`s save our planet !

In the past decade the greenhouse effect that leads to global warming has gained much attention with the media. In overpopulated areas, the amount of methane and carbon dioxide was growing. Some scientists believe the greenhouse effect is directly related to the earth’s warming, others believe it’s a cycle of earth’s temperatures.

The greenhouse effect is a naturally occurring phenomenon that is responsible for trapping heat near the earth’s surface and keeping the planet warm. Continue reading

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To save means to live better. ‪#‎AmEco‬ @ 82 primary school

On 11 Feb Youth and Environment team facilitated 2nd workshops with kids from 82 primary school in Yerevan. After short introduction and invitation of a new EVS volunteer we moved on to serious content. Continue reading

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Armenian Progressive Youth towards love fests

Several years that Armenian youth celebrates a fest very popular in West – St. Valentine’s Day. Traditional Armenians don’t forget about Armenian Apostolic Church’s Fest day of St. Sargis intercessor of love which attracts because of its unique traditional custom. Continue reading

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