Call for a Researcher/Team of Researchers to compile a Needs assessment Report on Situation of young people in Yerevan

Position: Researcher/Team of Researchers
Service: Compilation of a “Needs assessment Report on the situation of young people in Yerevan with recommendations for adoption in policy and practice regarding inclusive youth work” in English
Location: Yerevan
Type of Contract: Service Contract
Work Plan: The work plan will be made together with APY.
Fees: The total amount for the contract to be negotiated based on the proposition and experience of the service provider.
Payment: A final payment will be made in AMD upon the approval of the submitted deliverables.

Working Conditions
● Based in Yerevan;
● Daily contract starting from 01.03.2022;
● Contract according to Armenian Labour Code.

Expected Outputs
Desk research: “Context analysis with a specific focus on Yerevan”. The desk research will focus on the following aspects:

● Media: media freedom.
● Political conditions: political stability, governance system, the capacity of the state for service delivery, and legitimacy of the state.
● Participation: youth political participation on a national and local level and youth participation in civil society.
● Economic conditions: youth working conditions, inequality among youth individuals/groups, poverty, and social mobility.
● Social-cultural conditions: general living conditions, education, religions, ethnic groups, minorities, and gender aspects.
● Security conditions: security situation related to youth, police, and crime.

Stakeholder’s analysis: the analysis will map actors working with issues related to youth in Yerevan. The mapping will answer questions related to:
● Who they are: tasks, target groups, role in the local community and resource capacity;
● Agenda: the actors mandate, mission, and values;
● Where they act: in what areas are they active and source of legitimation;
● Cooperation: Who are they cooperating with and what are their relationships;
● Problem analysis: identification of challenges, needs and windows of opportunities.

The Researcher or the Research group will be responsible for:
● Working closely with the Armenian Progressive Youth NGO project team to agree on the final version of research design and detailed plan of the study;
● Conducting a desk review with a specific focus on Yerevan;
● Analyzing the results of the desk-research and drafting a comprehensive assessment report, including findings and general recommendations to Armenian Progressive Youth NGO on relevant best practices in the EU, the potential of their transferability to the Armenian context and how to adapt them taking into consideration the legal grounds available;
● Creating a stakeholders’ map and analysis of stakeholders’ activities and their impact related to youth;
● Finalizing and submitting the report in English to Armenian Progressive Youth NGO.

Required Qualifications
● Excellent communication skills
● Excellent command of written and spoken Armenian and English
● Relevant research experience in academic and/or professional settings
● Strong understanding of and interest in public policy and public sector interventions in general and thematic specialization
● Excellent analytical skills and ability to apply them creatively
● Demonstrated writing ability and competence with Microsoft Word
● Good organizational skills
● A demonstrated interest in issues of inclusion and social cohesion

Application Process
Interested applicants should send their application package to APY email address: [email protected] with the subject line “INVENT Research”.

The application deadline is 28 February 2022.
The task should be completed by 30 April 2022.

Please kindly note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview. No additional information will be given in the office or by telephone.

Application Package
The Application package should include the following documents:
1. Application Form (Annex I)
2. Price Offer Form (Annex II)
3. CVs of researcher or the team of the researchers
4. Copies of at least 2 researches conducted (in English)
5. Copy of the State Registration Certificate (for companies only)

Note: The application files remain the property of APY. By sending information requested under the present job announcement, candidates provide their consent on personal data collection. Also, if not requested otherwise, candidates give their consent to storing information in the APY database.


INVENT is a multilateral Strategic Partnership (among Armenia, the Netherlands, and Sweden) that seeks to develop, test, and promote inclusive and innovative approaches in youth work, with a focus on marginalized and vulnerable young people. The project aims to mainstream innovative and inclusive youth work practices, training modules, and support materials, which will improve the quality of youth work delivered by organizations involved in this project and beyond.

About APY

Armenian Progressive Youth (APY) NGO has been working with young people since 2009. Our mission is to promote active citizenship and active political and economic participation of young people in civic life, to economically empower marginalized youth and promote youth entrepreneurship, to increase the activism of young people, and contribute to the development of civil society in Armenia. APY aims to bring positive changes into Armenia through the active engagement of young people in society. APY has implemented around 300 local, national and transnational projects involving 35000 young people from Armenia.