Call for Trainers! InclusiON NOW! Online Course for Youth Workers in the Eastern Partnership countries

Equality, inclusion and diversity are core values of youth work in Europe. However, many vulnerable young people in the Eastern Partnership countries have limited access to the four major aspects of inclusion: education, healthcare, employment and civic participation. The youth inclusion gaps in the Eastern Partnership countries are covering a broad spectrum of dimensions, from gender rights to the rights of people with disabilities.

Given this context – InclusiON NOW! – the Online Course for Youth Workers in the Eastern Partnership countries aims to offer an opportunity for professional development to a group of youth professionals in the Eastern Partnership countries who work in the area of youth inclusion.

The objectives of the Course are the following:
  • Sharing experiences and best practices on increasing inclusiveness of youth work provided to the disadvantaged young people in the Eastern Partnership countries.
  • Equipping young professionals from the Eastern Partnership countries with practical tools and methods to use in their everyday work with disadvantaged young people.
  • Creating a network of partners in the EU and the Eastern Partnership who jointly develop quality youth work measures to support inclusion of disadvantaged young people.

In December 2020, a group 30 youth workers from 6 Eastern Partnership countries will undergo 25 hours of an intensive Online Course:

– exploring how to outreach and involve young people more effectively;
– learning how to deal with multiple factors of exclusion;
– developing strategies for more inclusivity of youth organizations;
– acquiring new tools and methods of youth inclusion.

Twice a week, you will meet experts, youth work practitioners, professional inclusion trainers to:

– share experiences and challenges of youth inclusion in the Eastern Partnership countries;
– learn best practices of increasing inclusiveness of youth work provided to the disadvantaged young people;
– network and develop partnerships.

The Online Course will focus on hands-on approach and practical strategies for achieving inclusive youth work in youth organizations in the Eastern Partnership countries.

Requested trainer profile:

Priority will be given to those that most closely meet these criteria:

– Have knowledge on the topics covered by the training (inclusion, diversity, social identities, power dynamics, youth participation and involvement, work with marginalized youth, community mapping plan, etc.);
– Have a previous experience on the topics covered by this course;
– Are willing to collaborate and work for the benefit of the project;
– Are proficient users of the English language;
– Are skillful at using online tools;
– Have an experience leading online courses, webinars and workshops.

<strong>Main Responsibilities:</strong>
  • To have regular online meetings with other trainers and the project coordinator in order to plan the course;
  • To develop the learning curricula based on the Training Module developed by Experts;
  • To develop the latest version of the daily program at least 10 days before the training;
  • To have a daily evaluation with the project coordinator during the course;
  • To prepare a final report which needs to be submitted to the project coordinator latest 3 weeks after the training;
  • To have the willingness to work in a multicultural team of 5 Trainers.

<strong>Expected Workload:</strong>
  • 20 – 25 hours of presence during the Online Course (at least 12 sessions of 90 minutes each);
  • Facilitation of at least 3 – 4 training sessions;
  • 10 hours preparatory work in a team of 5 Trainers.

Team composition:

The team consists of 5 trainers. Together they form the team, with two persons responsible for logistics.


APY offers 650 EUR per Trainer.

How to apply:

Please submit the Application Form the latest by the 25th of November, 23:59 EET (Eastern European Time), 2020. The selection results will be communicated on the 27th of November, 2020.

The project is implemented by Armenian Progressive Youth NGO (Armenia) in cooperation with the Belarusian students’ association (Belarus), the Local Democracy Agency (Georgia), the Foundation for Advancement (Moldova), the Youth organization “STAN” (Ukraine), IZ – Association for the Promotion of Diversity, Dialogue and Education (Austria), AEGEE-Europe (Belgium) and Fryshuset Foundation (Sweden).

The project benefits from support through the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Re-granting Scheme (FSTP) and is funded by the European Union as part of its support to civil society in the region.