Capturing my EVS adventures

On the very first day when I arrived in Yerevan, I was so confused that I could not even understand what was going on around me. Then, I got home and met my roommate (for the upcoming month) who helped me to adapt with the Armenian lifestyle and gave me some recommendations of “must dos” in Yerevan. Therefore, this is where my adventures in Armenia has started.

On the next day, I went to the APY office and met the staff members with who I was going to work for the upcoming two months. I engaged myself in the PR and Communication Department of APY as I am specialized in Filmmaking and Videography.

During the first week I along with my colleague at APY started the preparation phase of the movie screening that I wanted to do in Yerevan. I was willing to organize screenings of movies directed by Turkish or Armenian directors related to Armenian-Turkish relations. During the upcoming weeks, we had several movie screenings and I was so happy to see so many young people interested in Armenian-Turkish dialogue.

Thereas, with the assistance of the APY volunteers and staff members I started to shoot the movies that I had in my mind for a long time. The first movie was meant to be an anti-smoking campaign that speaks about the damages of a cigarette. The movie is very short but there is a huge idea behind it. The second short movie speaks out about another sensitive problem: the gender-based abortions. In the movie I tried to express the inhumanity and cruelty behind the idea of whether your child should be born or not based on her/his sex.

During my stay in Yerevan, I tried to learn some Armenian to make my communication with the locals a little bit easier. I think I was the happiest person at the time when I could spell and write my name and profession in Armenian correctly. I also learnt some expressions that I could have used in everyday life. My favourite expression in Armenian is “Ես հայերեն չեմ հասկանում”, as I was supposed to use it the most.

I am so thankful to APY for giving me the opportunity of not only having my EVS experience in Yerevan but in the regions of Armenia as well. During my EVS experience, I visited Goris, Ijevan, Gyumri and Vanadzor where I had meet university students, share with them my volunteering experience and make connections.

Now I for sure can stay that I had the life-changing experience of my life full of discoveries and personal and professional growth.