Circular economy and the employability of disadvantaged youth

On 2-10 July, Lilit Kharatyan, Kristine Hovhannisyan and Knarik Husikyan, volunteers of Armenian Progressive Youth NGO took part in a seminar organized by our partner AMSED NGO in Strasbourg, France. The topic of the seminar was “Circular economy and the employability of disadvantaged youth”. The program of the seminar included many interactive methods of non-formal education such as conferences and round tables, simulation activities, open space workshops and visits to local associations.

Speaking about the training sessions, our volunteer Lilit Kharatyan mentioned, “I went to Strasbourg with a basic knowledge about circular economy, however, nine days of active working paid itself off. Experts from all over the world shared their knowledge on the subject and gave comprehensive information which I can utilize later on. Additionally, we were introduced to good practices from different countries, success stories and paths leading towards them. Non-formal education methods on their turn made the sessions more interesting and entertaining. Upon completion of the seminar, our efforts, performances and achievements were evaluated and recorded in the Youthpass.

The participants were delighted with the road they passed during the seminar. Reflecting on her individual growth, Knarik Husikyan says the following: “The project itself was a great experience. Overall, the project assisted my personal and professional development and my active participation in the society. It gave me such a good opportunity to encounter with people from different backgrounds. Also, I have gained knowledge about concepts and ideas regarding democracy, citizenship and civil rights. Thanks to the project, I learnt to appreciate the importance of creative expression of ideas, experiences and emotions, as well as, how to deal with ambiguity and how to get involved in new cultural experiences.”

Since the seminar hosted participants from 14 different countries, along with giving the participants an exceptional opportunity to get acquainted with the modern tendencies in circular economy, it ensured the intercultural exchange between representative of different countries. Sharing her experience regarding intercultural communication, Kristine Hovhannisyan tells: ” I am very sociable person by nature and for me, it was such a great opportunity to get acquainted with different people. It gave me a chance to have a better intercultural competence which involves understanding different cultures, languages, customs, religions, as well as, social, ethnic and educational backgrounds. Also, thanks to the project, I have made many lifelong friends and I am really excited for that.”