Coaching for Youth Work | Two-stage project in Georgia and Malta

“Coaching for Youth Work” was a two-stage Erasmus+ Project. The first stage of the project was hosted by the International Center for Peace and Integration – ICPI NGO in Georgia, followed by the second stage of the project in Malta hosted by The Mosta Youth (MY) NGO.

Armenian Progressive Youth NGO’s six volunteers, Arpine Mkhitaryan, Taguhi Galstyan, Lilith Gabrielyan, Vahe Matshkalyan, Hovhannes Martirosyan and Mane Yengibaryan, took part in the project representing Armenia.

The first stage of the project was implemented from the 20th to the 27th of October 2019 in Bakuriani, Georgia. The project brought together 35 young people from 8 different countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Spain and Ukraine. The objective of the project was to provide the participants with various tools for a continuous personal development and instruments for more meaningful emphatic communication aiming at improving peacebuilding attitudes and skills through the self-development process.

The second stage was held in Malta from the 8th to the 15th February 2020. During the second activity, the participants were familiarized with different tools and techniques of coaching that they can further use in their professional, social work and engagement. The methods used during the training were very practical and they aimed at teaching participants efficient ways of communication and coaching. One of the main objectives of the project was to help the participants to set the right life goals and generate steady and productive ways of achieving them.

During the Project participants were given a chance to practice the newly gained knowledge within a multinational environment by sharing personal experience and challenges. Working individually or in groups through a creative stimulation of real life scenarios made the whole process more diverse and authentic.

Arpine Mkhitaryan, a participant from the first stage comments, “The goal of the project was self-development, listening to yourself, recognizing yourself from another side, seeing your potential within yourself and thinking outside the box, showing new attitudes and alternative approaches to problems, getting out of the stereotypes of society and moving with your own inner world. The project taught me how to be in touch and harmony with my inner world. It gave me self-education, self-knowledge and self-care.”

Lilit Gabrielyan, a participant from the second stage comments, “During the project, I have learnt to embrace my vulnerability and, in a way, discovered a new side of me. Despite my seemingly out-going personality, there is a part of me that is quite shy and introverted. During the project I have learnt to listen to those parts of myself, to be in a consent and total harmony without past labelling, etiquettes, and socially required norms and all I was left with was just ‘me’ – all of me.”

The project was financed within the Erasmus +programme to MT01 European Union Programmes Agency in Malta.