Empowering Young People: APY Reflects on the Success of the Up2You(th) project

Armenian Progressive Youth is thrilled to share the inspiring journey and successful conclusion of the Up2You(th) KA2 project, a collaborative initiative undertaken with the Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) and Youthfully Yours (YY). The project aimed to tackle the prevalent issue of youth disengagement in Slovakia, North Macedonia, and Armenia. The culmination of this transformative project was marked by a dissemination event on August 22, 2023, where APY members and colleagues gathered to learn, discuss, and celebrate the impactful results.

The Up2You(th) project began with a critical examination of the prevailing sense of disillusionment among young individuals in Europe, particularly in Armenia. A noticeable disconnect with governmental structures and a feeling of being undervalued had led many youth to distance themselves from political and community endeavors. Recognizing the detrimental effects of this alienation, the project took on the challenge of strengthening youth voices and fostering active engagement.

The initiative spanned multiple phases, each contributing to a deeper understanding of the barriers, aspirations, and potential solutions to increase youth participation. Engaging with over 1,300 young individuals across three countries, the Up2You(th) project conducted comprehensive desk research, country surveys, focus group discussions, and practical local workshops. The emphasis on direct youth involvement ensured that the resulting knowledge and strategies were not only empirically grounded but also endorsed by the very demographic they aimed to empower.

Learning from Project Activities:

  1. Desk Research: The foundational understanding of youth disengagement was laid through comprehensive desk research.
  2. Country Surveys: Delving into youth perspectives on community participation across Slovakia, North Macedonia, and Armenia provided diverse insights.
  3. Focus Group Reports: Synthesizing local discussions captured how young people perceive the barriers and potential solutions for increasing their community engagement.
  4. Local Workshops: Practical sessions were conducted to address specific needs and areas of interest highlighted by the youth during the project.
  5. Recommendations: The Up2You(th) Initiative concluded with actionable strategies to reinforce youth engagement, tailored for stakeholders on regional, national, and European levels.

As we reflect on the Up2You(th) project’s journey, APY is proud to have been part of a transformative initiative that addressed the challenges of youth disengagement head-on. The dissemination event on August 22 allowed us to celebrate the project’s success, share valuable insights, and inspire further commitment to fostering active citizenship among the youth. The Up2You(th) project is not just a conclusion; it’s a beginning – a testament to the power of collaboration and youth-led initiatives in shaping a brighter future.