Handbook of Youth Participation and Youth Inclusion in the EaP Countries

The handbook has been created in frames of the 2-year project “Everyone Matters! Development of Inclusive and Participatory Youth Work Practices in the Eastern Partnership countries”.

After two years and seven successful activities, it has been necessary to show everyone the outcomes and benefits of the project for the participants and for the civil societies around the Eastern Partnership states. This hand- book includes a comprehensive assessment of the situation of youth work in Eastern Partnership countries with a focus on marginalized youth, specifically in rural and deprived urban areas of the region. It includes methods, resources, information and ABC of participation and inclusion in order to support youth workers in their daily work.

The Handbook also collects and capitalizes the experiences and testimonies of project participant organisations and participating youth workers. It includes the working methodologies, new tools and recommendations that were developed during the project “Everyone Matters! Development of Inclusive and Participatory Youth Work Practices in Eastern Partnership countries”.

We have created this handbook in order to inform and provide insight on issues and approaches in relation to youth participation and youth inclusion in Eastern Partnership countries. We also wanted to create a methodological source and guidelines for incorporation of inclusive, needs-based and participatory approaches into the activities for the community development. We hope that this handbook will serve as a recourse for youth trainers and youth workers as well as authorities working with marginalized youth. We have tried to highlight the importance of inclusion and youth participation for the development of rural communities in the Eastern Partnership countries. We want to challenge readers in their assumptions and inspire action.

All of these has been done with one aim: to contribute to policy by stimulating discussion and recommendations in order to promote youth participation and inclusion in the Eastern Partnership countries.

This publication has been mainly created for youth work practitioners and other professionals with responsibility for young people’s non-formal learning. We also encourage youth workers, educators, policy influencers, decision-makers, researchers, youth and community workers to read, to get inspired and to act!

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. We are grateful for the EU’s constant support in developing more inclusive societies in the Eastern Partnership countries.