Packages of food, hygiene items and other necessities to 900 families, within the framework of cooperation between the MLSA and the APY NGO

>RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the Armenian Progressive Youth NGO have signed the memorandum of understanding, within the frame of which humanitarian aid will be provided in the form of monthly supplies of food and other essential items to 900 families living in Yerevan city and its neighboring regions.

The purpose of the memorandum is the neutralization of the new socio-economic problems caused by the spread of the Coronavirus in Armenia, and the provision of support to the targeted groups.

Support will be provided to residents in Yerevan and its neighboring regions to the people who need humanitarian support, families whose members have lost their jobs or have been left out of the government support programs.
Within the framework of the memorandum, the Armenian Progressive Youth NGO will not only provide monthly supplies of food and other essential items to 900 families but also will inform citizens about the health care, preventive protection steps and about other events.

For the implementation of the work, the organization will recruit and train volunteers. The organization will also take care of the all necessary expenses during the humanitarian support, including food, hygiene items, acquisition and transportation of other necessary items, the printing of the information leaflets, areas, equipment, obtaining medical and protective resources, and other administrative expenses.

Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, in turn, will help and provide the data of the citizens who are in need, to ensure the addressability of the process. The acquisition of the support will start on June 1.
Both sides have noted, that effective overcoming of social consequences of the pandemic is possible only by organizing constructive cooperation between state bodies, private sector and civil society, to which will be directed the work carried out within the framework of the memorandum.