PR and Communications Intern

Job Title: PR and Communications Intern
Location: Yerevan
Reporting To: Executive Director
Starting Date: 20 July, 2021
Duration: 1 month

Important: In case 1-month paid internship program is successfully completed, the Intern will be offered a full-time position of the PR and Communications Manager of the Organization.

Job Description

Purpose of the Internship:
Armenian Progressive Youth, a non-governmental organization based in Yerevan, Armenia, is looking for an enthusiastic, young, progressive and proactive individual to become a member of its growing team. We are looking for a PR and Communications Intern who will assist the PR and Communications manager of the organization in coordinating and facilitating internal and external PR and communications activities of the organization, eventually replacing the Manager in the same position. The position aims to strengthen the outreach of the organization, the visibility of its projects, to measure the impact of the organization on the target groups as well to sustain the online and offline presence of the organization through planned publicity campaigns and PR activity.

After successfully completing the 1-month paid Internship, the Intern will be offered to fill the full-time position of the PR and Communications Manager of the Organization. Under the position, the Specialist will be responsible for the public relations aspect within the organization. S/he will sustain the organizations’ reputation for quality and reliability through writing and delivering press releases, designing visual identities and handling all communication sent to the public and the beneficiaries.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:

<strong>Press Relations and Communications</strong>
  • Providing the media with information about the organization and its projects, preparing news releases, researching, writing and distributing press releases to targeted media;
  • Organizing news conferences, communicating important announcements to the target group of the organization;
  • Dealing with inquiries from the media, liaising with, and answering inquiries from media, individuals and other organizations, often via telephone and email;
  • Writing and editing e-magazines, case studies, speeches, articles and annual reports;
  • Organizing events including press conferences, exhibitions, open days and press tours;
  • Maintaining and updating information on the organization’s website;
  • Managing and updating information and engaging with users on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn;
  • Fostering community relations through events such as open days and through involvement in community initiatives;
  • Getting the organization featured on radio, TV and the Internet;
  • Translating articles and press releases in 2 languages (Armenian and English).
  • Preparing informational packages and presentations for field visits and meeting;

  • Writing marketing communications materials and planning content and writing for publications such as product brochures, leaflets, annual reports, newsletters and e-magazines;
  • Writing content for website pages and social media as well as scripts for presentations and videos;
  • Gathering information, updating the website and designing the logos, visuals and promotional materials of the organization working closely with the publishing house;
  • Preparing and supervising the production of publicity brochures, handouts, direct mail leaflets, promotional videos, photographs, films and multimedia programs;
  • Writing, reviewing and editing articles for the web-page of about the project;

  • Planning communication programs and carry out research into the attitudes and perceptions of the target group and the beneficiaries;
  • Planning, developing and implementing PR strategies;
  • Commissioning surveys and contacting beneficiaries, volunteers and members of the organization to discuss their views and collect testimonies;

<strong>Monitoring and Reporting</strong>
  • Reviewing the online accounts and social media channels of the organization and preparing monthly reports to be submitted to the Executive Director;
  • Monitoring social media sites, assessing the attitudes about the organization and analyzing the statistics of the web-site, offline and online/social media;
  • Monitoring the publicity and conducting research to find out the concerns and expectations of the target group and beneficiaries as well as reporting and explaining the findings;

Salary and Workload:
The PR and Communications Intern will work 20 fixed hours weekly. A compensation of 68.000 AMD will be provided during the 1-month internship. In case of successful completion of the program, the Organization will offer a full-time job, with a starting salary of 200.000 AMD monthly (taxes and social security expenses are included in the mentioned salary and are not covered by the organization separately).

Perks of the Position:
Armenian Progressive Youth is an organization that operates within the borders of Armenia and beyond. The staff members are often offered business trips to different countries across the world to represent the organization. The travel costs including the air tickets, the accommodation and related expenses are fully covered by the Organization. The organization also offers capacity building opportunities for professional growth of its staff members as well as offers networking opportunities.

Application Process:
If interested in this position, please: (1) write a motivation letter not exceeding the 500 words, (2) send the CV to [email protected] by mentioning the Job Title and Name/Surname in the Subject (example: PR and Communications Intern – Simon Simonyan).

Deadline: The motivation letter and the CV should be sent by 14th of July 2021 in one message. Any application presented after the deadline above will not be taken into consideration.

Shortlisted candidates may be contacted for a panel interview scheduled on 15-20 of July.