PRIDE “Promoting Diversity and Inclusive Youth Work Practices”

Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.

 –    Stephen Covey

The training course PRIDE “Promoting Diversity and Inclusive Youth Work Practices” provided a solid background for many youth workers, trainers and facilitators to gain a good deal of knowledge regarding the topic and further work in the fields of inclusion, diversity and anti-discrimination in order to spread awareness, empower, activate the potential of diversity in trainings and work with young people both at National and at the European levels.

The training course was organized by Armenian Progressive Youth NGO (Armenia) and More Mosaic NGO (Sweden) and funded by the European Union – EU. PRIDE was a multi-layer project that consisted of 3 parts. The main objective of the project is to empower workers, trainers and educators to develop diversity orientation in their work with young people and build their competence in diversity management. The training course has gathered 30 youth workers and educators from 14 different organizations based in EU and non-EU countries.

The issue of diversity and inclusion has been a hot topic of conversation nowadays. The huge role and significance of the latter is not to be denied.  Accepting and promoting diversity is not only the ultimate goal, but also a tool to a more inclusive, more just, and more effective society as diverse groups are a sign of a healthy and inclusive culture. Hence, a high purpose should be to create a world where everyone will get equal opportunities to succeed. The stereotypes and prejudices about members of groups that are different from ourselves should be abandoned and a recognition that all of us deserve to be considered unique individuals should take over.



Throughout the training course the participants gained valuable skills and knowledge that will stand them a good stead in applying the practical tools, methods and instruments in the cooperation with the youth workers who seek to implement the concept of diversity in their work. The Received experience will also serve as a background to establish discrimination-free and diversity-oriented attitudes within the European programs in the fields of Education, Training and Youth.