Unseeable and Unsayable history

Arthur Harutyunyan, one of the brightest participants from the German-Armenian Project, is sharing his impressions of the project

”From the start to the end, the project was filled with unforgettable and indescribable moments I will never forget. I am very thankful for the given opportunity.
We studied unseeable and unsayable history by touching upon Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide. We spoke about and discussed the views of the victim and offender countries. Through informative and effective sessions and workshops, I gained a lot of knowledge, and I am sure that I will never forget it as everything I learned was through visual and engaging activities, which I enjoyed.
I got a lot of relevant and actionable information, as all the knowledge and information were given through fantastic art projects, sessions, and seminars. I enjoyed every second of it as we were also given quiet time to rethink and have some rest. I really enjoyed the Art project. All of us drew on a single piece of paper and collecting; we got the word “Menq” which symbolized the power of unity.
I believe every speaker had their importance and impact on the overall project. Looking back, I really think they were great professionals. I really liked that most of the sessions were held in historical places and that gave the feeling that everything was happening in front of our eyes.

I was really satisfied with the quality of the topics and panels. As I mentioned above, the fact of being so close to history is an amazing feeling. Seeing how German participants sang Armenian music, made unifying art, or visited historical areas was the best way to learn. I met great people and friends and look forward to meeting them in September. I would like to highlight that the most valuable takeaway from this project, definitely was the people. I enjoyed working with sophisticated professionals and such great people. And, of course, knowledge, and memories, I would rate my experience 10/10. I am really thankful to APY for this great opportunity. I try to share my knowledge with my friends as the importance of this topic is indisputable.”