Young people in Armenia embracing their full power!

For young people, it’s crucial to explore their potential and passions and take the first steps toward realizing their own ideas for positive change in society. Creating networks and communities is of equal importance – a lack of network is a big part of why some young people don’t feel like they can lead change and have a positive impact.

This is why Armenian Progressive Youth NGO and Fryshuset jointly implement a project called ԻՄPower (stands for MY-power in Armenian). ԻՄPower is a platform where young people are offered tools, netwnetworksaching, and experience that empowers them to initiate, drive and lead change. The project targeted young people from Yerevan and young people who relocated to Yerevan as a result of the armed conflict in 2020.

Capacity-building training within the project is now over. It served as a great platform where young people discovered topics such as self-leadership and empowerment, values and value-based leadership, navigating conflict and change, project management and social entrepreneurship, etc. The project provided participants with tools that empower and inspire them to improve their communities. The training was built on experiential learning which means that participants worked with both theoretical methods and experienced them at the same time.

By meaningfully engaging in the project participants gained skills and a sense of empowerment and made connections with their peers with similar ambitions and ideas for community development.

ԻՄPower project participants shared their impressions about the project:

Davit Ghevondyan, 22: “I have great impressions of the trainers: they were very professional and always filled us with knowledge, skills, and energy. The teaching methods that they used were quite different from the methods which are used in our educational system. The knowledge and skills that we acquired during the project are very applicable in our daily lives, work, and studies, so I am extremely happy to be a part of ԻՄPower”.

Zhanna Asoyan, 21: “I had a lot of expectations from the project, such as getting new skills to easily engaged in the society, getting communication skills, networking skills, spending a great time, etc. I can happily mention that this project gave me more than I expected. During the project, we discussed many interesting and engaging topics, such as inclusion, diversity, leadership, and conflict resolution, and I was really impressed and grateful to get this opportunity to learn more about these topics with the help of such skilled and experienced trainers”.

The project helped young people to benefit from each other’s skills, knowledge, and capacities. Benefits for young people also include enhancing individual development as it provides youth with opportunities to generate real community change. The project was an important stepping stone on the pathway that will lead to all sorts of new future directions.

The participants who successfully participated in the capacity-building training are currently implementing their community projects. Next year, they will gain a chance to become trainers and mentors for the next group of participants.

The project is implemented by the Armenian Progressive Youth NGO in collaboration with Fryshuset. The project is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden.